19 year old kills stepfather. The mother does not finish it and is saved

19 year old kills stepfather. The mother does not finish it and is saved
19 year old kills stepfather. The mother does not finish it and is saved

The tragedy Thursday evening at dinner time in an apartment in via della Costituzione in Casalecchio di Reno, in the Bolognese area: a 19-year-old boy, Alessandro Leon Asoli, allegedly poisoned both parents, killing the stepfather, while the mother was taken in serious condition to the hospital. “Run, he poisoned us, he killed my partner”: these are the first words addressed to the carabinieri by the 56-year-old. The son, with psychiatric problems, now in custody ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office for the murder of the man and the attempted murder of the woman, remained intoxicated.

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From a first reconstruction of the investigators, he would have added a chemical compound to the salmon feathers he had prepared for dinner. Loreno Grimandi, 57, from Bazzano, ate the whole dish, while her mother understood that there was a strange taste in the pasta and did not finish it (this alone avoided the worst for her too). The man was found dying on the sofa by rescuers and died shortly after. The partner is admitted to the Maggiore hospital, in intensive care, but not in danger of life. The alarm was given by a neighbor who had heard cries for help and commotion coming from the apartment. The husband of the same neighbor knocked on the door several times to be opened and at that point, perhaps imagining that the police would arrive, the boy escaped from another entrance to the house, which is on two floors.

He was seen fleeing barefoot and with his shoes in hand, but after an hour the carabinieri tracked him down to his maternal grandmother’s house. During the escape he tried to get rid of the mobile phone, which was put in airplane mode so as not to be tracked, but the device was recovered. During the night, the 19-year-old was questioned by the prosecutor Rossella Poggioli, who coordinates the investigation. He apparently did not make a true confession, appearing confused and agitated even in front of the military. Then some health problems emerged of the young man, who for some time had been treated by a psychiatrist also following a suicide attempt. Captain Riccardo Angeletti, deputy commander of the Borgo Panigale carabinieri company, explained that in the apartment, where Leon had a room on the upper floor, “large quantities of toxic substances were found, for which analyzes are still underway”. Investigations will also be made on the liquid found in a glass in the kitchen. One hypothesis is that it may be sodium nitrate and other chemical compounds, perhaps bought online. When the partner felt ill on the sofa at home, the woman immediately guessed the reason, accusing her son of poisoning them. She too was ill, but with her cries she managed to ask for help from a neighbor who then sounded the alarm. “She was screaming and calling for help – says Rita, who lives on the same landing – shouting to call the police. We did it immediately, but we didn’t think of such a serious thing ». The neighbor also explains that she entered the couple’s apartment for a moment, once the ambulance arrived, because the woman wanted to leave her house keys before being taken to the hospital.
“I saw him on the sofa, practically dead,” adds Rita, to whom the 19-year-old’s mother has also entrusted the two dogs, Gina and Sophie, to whom she is very attached. “Before the carabinieri arrived – the neighbor still remembers – my husband kicked the door shouting to open it, at which point the boy was probably frightened and ran away”. Who is Alessandro Leon? Graduated from the Laura Bassi linguistic high school in Bologna, and who recently worked in a real estate agency, he is described by the condominiums of the building, in a residential area in the hamlet of Ceretolo as “very polite and kind”. “You are lucky to have such a child”, is the phrase that another neighbor, Francesco, remembers saying to the 56-year-old, embarrassed today for having said it long ago talking about that boy he has known since childhood. “I was stunned – he said again – who knows what was boiling inside him for having done all this”.

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