Rome transfer market, sudden braking | Pinto stops the agent

Rome transfer market, sudden braking | Pinto stops the agent
Rome transfer market, sudden braking | Pinto stops the agent

Calciomercato Roma, sudden braking as regards the renewal. Pinto stops the agent. We will talk about it in the future

José Mourinho built his Rome around him. And, the Frenchman, has so far responded in a great way. Goals and performances that allowed him to win the national team jersey.

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And, above all, also the first title of his career: the Nations League, won in Italy last Sunday. Now, Veretout, however, is pushing for renewal. The prosecutor, precisely because of the qualitative leap that his client has made – the signs were there last year, with the Special One he has also tactically become another player – has long been asking for a meeting and also speaks publicly about the extension of the ‘agreement. But, according to Corriere dello Sport, Roma have other thoughts at the moment.

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Rome transfer market, Pinto brakes

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The Portuguese general manager is in no hurry at the moment. After closing the Pellegrini file, which was certainly the urgent one, Pinto is calm about Veretout. The last contract signed by the midfielder is last year, at 2.5 million euros per season, and which lasts until 2024. Obviously it is not closing to the possible new economic agreement and even a few more years, but things go certainly done with the right calm.

Pinto has other things to think about right now. The idea is to give the Frenchman a new teammate who can allow him, from time to time, to breathe and not to always stay on the field when he needs to recover some energy. So, for the renewal, despite the words of his entourage, it will still take some time. But there is no doubt that Jordan is a pivot of Rome and will remain so.

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