The trolling of the non-existent agreement between Pfizer and Microsoft for the microchip in anti Covid vaccines19

Pfizer would have announced an “update” of its Covid19 vaccine thanks to Microsoft, inserting a microchip to reduce the symptoms of the disease. This is the message circulating online in some Facebook groups and accounts, especially in the NoVax area and by those who believe in conspiracies. They fell for it, it’s a hoax.

The article, shared as proof of the phantom event, is the one published on April 9, 2021 from the ValueWalk site where the existence of an official press release is claimed. The link in the document actually leads to a satirical site.


If we try to check Facebook shares, looking for the keywords “Microsoft Pfizer Chip”, we find numerous publications of the screenshot of the article, a very popular practice allowing users to read only the title and not the article with its original source .

Not only on Facebook, the fake news is also being re-launched

reporting comparisons reminiscent of Nazism: «Pfizer’s CEO announces an agreement with Microsoft to insert a microchip in the vaccine to avoid the various possible pains caused by inoculation. It is a fact of unprecedented gravity and that takes us back to the time of Menghele ».

If we read the article published by the site in English, we discover that the source of the phantom press release from Pfizer and Microsoft is the satirical site Here is the disclaimer: is a financial satire site. The site provides unique coverage on the financial industry, stocks, hedge funds and global markets. Mission: To provide daily humor and make stonks go up. We are currently looking for content creators who have an interest in financial humor. Please reach out if you have an interest.

Not only. The article published on ValueWalk it is practically a faithful copy paste of the one published by The Stonk Market enough to report the same link to the wrong press release: an article from the same satirical site where it is announced that Hunter Biden would be named investor of the year Wall Street Journal after obtaining a yield of 3000% thanks to an investment in Colombian cartels. Actually it was enough to read the article to feel the smell of burning. The mention of the clash between computer giants was very evident, where Microsoft was betting on Pfizer and Apple on Moderna.


The NoVax, and beyond, have been extensively trolled.


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