Guaita, the native ‘Black Corsair’: universal point, for the fortunes of Italy and Rome | Nationals

Spring is that of 1934. While the regime is preparing the World Cup and the national team is breaking the “pass” by mistreating Greece, the Serie A championship becomes more and more exciting and right at the last corner the star of the “Black Corsair” Guaita becomes blinding (in the photo, he is the sixth from the left, with white shorts).THE 1933/34 CHAMPIONSHIP – All once again in search of Juventus, the Italian champion in office – best attack and best defense, just to make clear his supremacy – which is also the favorite in the championship that acts as a hearty World Cup appetizer. Inter – sorry, Ambrosiana – do things in a big way at the transfer market by supporting defense and attack, Napoli are not watching as well as Bologna: all trying to chase the black and white hare that keeps the championship sewn on the chest for three years already. In reality, the most bombastic shots are scored by Roma who in Argentina go to fish for Guaita, Scopelli and Stagnaro, three authentic champions. The first corrosive Bianconeri crunches are felt at the start of the championship which is certainly not too tough, with Ambrosiana taking the opportunity to take the lead. Promptly taken up by the bianconeri, the Milanese Nerazzurri are still winter champions with one round to spare. The Juventus winter is very hard and difficult. On Christmas Eve 1933 the Mastiff Orsi fractured his fibula during the match with Lazio and was out for three months. In mid-February the histrionic tightrope walker Cesarini breaks his ankle and not only has to say goodbye to the championship, but also to the possibility of becoming world champion. It seems over for Juventus, it is the beginning of the comeback. If the direct match ends in a draw and does not decide anything, the month of April will take care of the cards. In the last month of the championship, while Juventus don’t miss a beat and win every match, Ambrosiana gets bogged down in a series of draws and defeats that give Juventus the green light for the conquest of his fourth consecutive Scudetto.

TURIN-ROME 3 A 6 – The limelight, therefore, are all for Juventus and Ambrosiana, without forgetting the excellent third place of the Napoli of “mister” Garbutt and the fifth of Rome. Rome that just at the sunset of the championship in Philadelphia is the protagonist of a game “of other times”, enhanced by the talent of Enrique Guaita, its “Black Corsair”. The result is a very enjoyable and fun game, with attacks that far exceed the defenses. The first half ends with the Giallorossi leading 1 to 0, but it is in the second half that the game catches fire. The winning move is by Barbesino, Roma coach: he moves Guaita to the center of the attack and the Black Corsair goes wild. Roma doubles and at that point Guaita decides to make history. In 16 minutes Guaita slips the ball 4 times into the grenade goal, 3 in just 6 minutes, driving enthusiasm not only the Giallorossi supporters. Roma fans who, however, are very present, formed largely by air force soldiers stationed in Turin. Ah, Guaita that day does not want to miss anything and in addition to the 4 goals he also signs the assists for the other two Giallorossi goals: in short, a one-man show by the Argentine, a native who was ordered by Pozzo for worldwide shipping. Fresh from the Piedmontese trip, Guaita in Rome is carried in triumph by his fans, who see him as the basis for building the dream of the Scudetto. They will be disappointed, having to wait a few more years before they can celebrate the Italian flag.

THE BLACK CORSARO – It was said of the native Guaita. The Argentine who has just arrived in Italy acquires – in the fashion of the time – Italian citizenship and is immediately “enrolled” in the Italian national team, even if in 1933 he had already played with the albiceleste, details. Just enough time to play and win the World Cup in 1934. Curiously, Guaita won the other international trophy in 1937 with the Argentina shirt. Fast forward, quick Guaita could play all over the attack front, extolling his slinging skills. After the hat-trick scored at Livorno, the Roma fans – who played in the black jersey that day – give him the nickname of “Black Corsair” and with that nickname he made himself known and appreciated in our country. 14 goals in the first season in the Giallorossi, Guaita in the 1934/35 championship scored as many as 28 goals in 29 games played, marking the record – still held – of goals scored in Italy in a 16-team championship. Raised in Estudiantes, he will return to play there once he returns to Argentina. He arrives, as mentioned, in Rome in 1933 thanks to the recommendation of Nicola Lombardo, former Argentine footballer of Rome, who advocates his engagement and that of his teammate Scopelli for the Giallorossi president Sacerdoti. Priests, the Banker of Testaccio, does not allow himself to be influenced by the protests and threats that meanwhile become heavy in Argentina and detaches checks that act as an ocean liner for the new champions. Sense of goal, progression and speed are the characteristics of this slinger who selfishly “lives” for goals, his. Roma for the next championship of 1935/36 does not spare the economic efforts, builds a team around its Argentine aces to aim high, but Guaita, Scopelli and Stagnaro just on the eve of the start of the new championship are the protagonists of a sensational escape from Italy that will infuriate the fans and the regime, “but this is another story, and it will have to be told another time”.(Alessandro Bassi is also on

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