“Caliente equals mig *** a”. Storm on the “anti-Italian” monologue – Libero Quotidiano

“Caliente equals mig *** a”. Storm on the “anti-Italian” monologue – Libero Quotidiano
“Caliente equals mig *** a”. Storm on the “anti-Italian” monologue – Libero Quotidiano

A highly contested one Rocio Munoz Morales debuts at Hyenas as a presenter, with a monologue branded by many viewers as “anti-Italian”. The choice of the authors of the historic Italia 1 program led by Davide Parenti is, from this season, to entrust each episode to a different woman to support Nicola Savino after the farewell of Alessia Marcuzzi. Tuesday evening it was the turn of the wife of Raoul Bova, Spanish for years, Italian by adoption, whose speech was particularly controversial.

The theme is that of discrimination, of welcome, of integration. She herself rightly defines herself as “a privileged one”, because she has little to do with those who arrived in Italy by boat or on foot, out of hunger and desperation. The 33-year-old, however, does not spare the Italians being beaten: “Some foreigners are worth less than others, those who arrive without money and only with their culture are worth even less. Are you from the Balkans? Are you a threat. African? Do you not exist. Arab? Terrorist. Chinese? All the same. We Spaniards are almost at your level, but lower. When I arrived I could read your thoughts. Rocio, Spanish, dancer and therefore caliente. Ennò gentlemen, I am cerebral and perfectionist, but caliente at all. but they think mign *** a. I teach my daughters that no one is worth more than another and that judging without knowing doesn’t say anything about how others are, but says a lot about how we are “.

Among the comments on social media in real time, there are many criticisms, which go as far as slating. “Rocio’s monologue makes no sense, really embarrassing”, we read. Or again: “An empty monologue like that of Rocio immediately after a shocking service like that of the Roman homeless. A bad choice” or “Rocio can do this speech in Spain, since it is you who push back immigrants to the border. We are very hospitable and especially welcome. Monologue rejected “.

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Caliente equals mig Storm antiItalian monologue Libero Quotidiano

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