“Criticisms? The problem is me, nobody touches Inter “

“Criticisms? The problem is me, nobody touches Inter “
“Criticisms? The problem is me, nobody touches Inter “

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MILANO – Antonio Conte still does not want to hear about the championship already won. On the eve of tomorrow night’s match against Napoli, the Lecce coach warned his team about the value of Gattuso’s men and asked for maximum concentration to win the points needed to cross the finish line.

Conte, what match will Napoli-Inter be?
A challenging match because since the beginning of the season I have always placed Napoli among those teams that can compete for the final victory. Gattuso is a good coach and a very tough match awaits us.

How angry would you be if someone on the inside could think about managing this advantage?
There are still points to go to a very ambitious goal. We go to Naples to play the game and to get, like Napoli, the maximum or a victory. We will see at the end what the result will be. We cannot afford to do calculations or to be accountants. Calculating before winning is bad.

How much does the criticism that is always around Inter bother you? The last ones were those of Cassano …
I realized that I am the problem regardless. The important thing is that they don’t touch Inter.

Inter in the second round had a very important path and now everyone gives the Scudetto as already assigned. On a psychological level, can this be a risk for you?
We don’t have to think or read too much. It is assumed that the Scudetto is awarded, but this is not the case. We must not fall into this trap. We know the sacrifices made to get to this point. There are still some steps left to celebrate.

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Napoli-Inter: the probable formation of Conte

Gattuso’s situation is unique: last year he won the Italian Cup and lately he’s getting great results, as well as being in the running for the Champions League. Is this the destiny of the coaches?
Napoli have an important squad, one of the most important in Serie A, which is why I put them among the candidates for the title. Rino is doing well and is a very good coach. All of us coaches know that the coach is the person most likely to receive criticism. It is the most difficult role to play. To some of my players who ask me for advice on whether to become a coach or not, I reply that if they want to suffer, go ahead and do so. It is a particular role. If the results arrive, you are the best and sometimes even these are not enough … The passion for football makes us technicians go beyond the judgments that sometimes are right and sometimes they are not.

In the last four months, do you have the perception that after so much criticism the perception of your work has changed thanks to the results or because so many have begun to recognize what you have done?
Only thanks to the results.

How does Lukaku face Koulibaly?
We are talking about a defender who I consider to be among the best 2-3 in the world and when I was at Chelsea I wanted to bring him there. He is a top and has also grown. Romelu knows him and I don’t have to introduce him to him. It will be a good duel and to put Koulibaly and Napoli in difficulty, we will need to work as a team, putting into practice the proven solutions.

How important is it in modern football to have a recognizable form and basic formation?
Each team must have its own identity and this you can give it if you insist on the game system. You can adapt the principles to the game systems. Working on a game system for footballers is easier because they recognize it. Then you can make changes in possession and non-possession.

How did Perisic work? Is it recovered? Can you start from 1 ‘?
He has been back in the group since Thursday and has recovered from the injury. It is available.

How is Vidal?
He is working separately with Kolarov to dispose of the knee edema. Kolarov we hope to have him as soon as possible after the back problem.

Is Napoli the team that put you in the most difficulties in the first leg match, especially in the last half hour?
In a game there are times when you put the opponent in difficulty and vice versa. In front of them they have strong attackers, good at attacking spaces, who know each other, to which they have added an element paid as much as Osimhen. They are strong and we will have to prove that we are too. I have great respect for Napoli and let’s go there to play the game. In the end it will not matter much who will worry the opponent more: last year in the first leg semi-final of the Italian Cup against Napoli we put them in great difficulty by creating a lot and they beat us 1-0 defending themselves throughout the match . So they were able to play the final of the Italian Cup and they won it against Juventus. That counts in the end.

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