steel is missing. Workers on layoffs

steel is missing. Workers on layoffs
steel is missing. Workers on layoffs

PORCIA – It is the largest company in the province of Pordenone, as well as the most “famous”. But the day after tomorrow, when the Green pass rule is triggered in the workplace, it will be missed. The production of the Porcia Electrolux, in fact, is unfortunately forced to stop again, just in conjunction with the “health revolution” which will make its debut the day after tomorrow.
And this time the Green pass has nothing to do with it, because the stop is caused by a problem that has to do with Covid, but at a global and not a local level.


The Porcia Electrolux production is forced to stop on Friday. There is a lack of steel sheets, we cannot go on. This was explained by the senior management of the Zoccolan factory RSU. Once again, therefore, the plant remains a victim of the scarcity of raw materials, a global problem that has also led to a surge in prices on a global scale and which is also putting Porcia’s production of household appliances in difficulty. Without sheet metal, for which there was a major supply problem, the Electrolux department cannot work.
The workers, therefore, will go to layoffs and will return (for the first time with the Green pass) only on Monday, when the problem should be solved. “But it could recur in the near future,” Zoccolan of the RSU always warned.


In the meantime, the company has organized itself to carry out checks at the entrance to employees who will have to exhibit the green health certification. The method chosen is that of external help, given the numbers to be sustained at the beginning of each work shift. This help will be provided by the Red Cross, with which the company has entered into an ad hoc agreement.


At the Electrolux in Porcia, on the other hand, there is no air of a strike due to the Green pass, even if there is no lack of discontent and tension. The RSU, however, has already broken away from the hard line at the time, which instead was announced in Susegana, in the factory in the province of Treviso.
“The strike is now necessary,” said Augustin Breda, historical exponent of the internal trade union representatives of the plant in Susegana (Tv), also speaking of an “undemocratic” decision.
No one, on the other hand, will cross their arms in Porcia, the same company but clearly different positions. «I understand the enormous confusion of the moment – Walter Zoccolan had instead reiterated for Porcia -, which is common to the whole country, not only to the rest of the world of work. But announcing a strike against the Green pass is out of place. We are not in Taliban Afghanistan and not even in the Middle Ages of Europe. We must embrace what science tells us, if we still want to be children of the Age of Enlightenment, do not take the bait instead of what politics increasingly exploits. In the Europe of the Enlightenment, which is not that of the Middle Ages, we cannot fail to take into consideration what science says ».

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