Microchip crisis, Apple will cut the production of the iPhone13

The application for microchip continues to outstrip the supply currently available, putting electronics companies around the world in difficulty. A crisis from which not even the Californian giant is immune. The lack of microchips, caused in turn by the crisis in semiconductor manufacturing – the special materials used to make the components underlying the chips – will continue to weigh on the supply chain, from the production of microchips to the automotive sector. Specifically, major chip makers have indicated that demand will continue to outstrip supply throughout the next year and potentially beyond.

The lack of semiconductors is now a global crisis, even amplified by the 5G upgrade which uses chips for new telecommunications equipment. But the problem that blocked the sector dates back to 2020, when due to Covid sales projections on the part of the car manufacturers were more prudent than what was then the actual market reality. This has ended up shifting volumes and demand for semiconductors, which historically only affects cars for 10% of global volumes.

According to what was reported by Bloomberg, Apple would have had plans to produce 90 million iPhones13 in the last three months of the year, but the revision of the volumes was imposed by the difficulties that Broadcom Inc. e Texas Instruments Inc. – among the main suppliers of several key components, including the chips that manage the display power, the Face Id, the USB connectivity, the wireless power supply – they are finding in satisfying the demands of their customers.

Meanwhile, the rumors reported by Bloomberg they had an impact on Apple shares, fell by 1.6%. As for production, however, the shortcomings have already weighed on the company’s ability to ship the new models to customers.

L’iPhone 13 Pro andiPhone 13 Pro Max they went on sale in September, but the orders were not processed from the official store for about a month. And the new devices are listed as “currently not available” for collection in various physical stores. Apple’s carrier partners are also experiencing similar shipping delays.


Microchip crisis Apple cut production iPhone13

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