Green pass, risk of truck stop. Trieste, dockers on a war footing – Chronicle

Green pass, risk of truck stop. Trieste, dockers on a war footing – Chronicle
Green pass, risk of truck stop. Trieste, dockers on a war footing – Chronicle

Rome, 13 October 2021 – Day X is approaching (Friday 15 October) for the entry into force of thegeneralized obligation of the Green pass for all workers, public or private as they are: an audience beyond 20 million Italians. The real problem now (leaving out the organizational aspects, which are not indifferent, of the controls in companies that, especially in the early days, will easily cause chaos) is the audience of those who have not been vaccinated I am not in possession of green certification and therefore they cannot work. It is difficult to have a precise figure: according to an estimate it is thought that about 10% of employees are not vaccinated. For gli over 50 we are talking about about 2.5 million people.

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The problem these days close to the deadline is to understand what consequences may have in the life of the country the impossibility for many to work without green certification: what are the sectors who can suffer the greatest impact? The first evidence concerns the transport (with related question of ports), the logistics and also theagriculture. With a risk feared by many: that is, that our supermarkets and our shops may face a difficulty in supplying products: read empty shelves.


The first knot to be solved concerns and tampons what will have to do who is not vaccinated. There will be a real boom: pharmacies say they are ready but the knot remains the weekend when the vast majority will be closed (here we explain all the details of the problem). It is estimated that these days could help one million tests per day. And the race has already begun if it is true that in the pharmacies of Liguria buffers were booked until December.

It is one of the critical points. According to estimates by Conftransport e Confetra (two of the trade associations), the 30% of the drivers it would not have green certification. And we know what the road transport in the handling of goods in our country. Now the government decree is very clear: the haulier who arrives to unload goods in a company must have the Green pass. It is clear that there could be serious repercussions in the delivery of goods. And there is a clear risk that it will determine one on the shelves shortage of products. Such inconveniences could also exist in the increasingly important world of online commerce which is based on the speed of deliveries.

There are many in the audience of drivers without a Green Pass foreign workers which are yes vaccinated but with sera not recognized by the EMA the determinations of which are the basis of the green certification logistics.

In the afternoon it is the president of Contrasporto-Confocmmercio Paolo Uggè to raise the alarm: “A situation is emerging whereby on October 15-16, transport in Italy is likely to stop,” he says. From the ministry “we have no answers” and 2 if this attitude continues and no clarification comes out, anything can happen “, he adds. Then he announces the hard line:” If foreign hauliers can come to Italy without the green pass and this will instead be imposed to Italian companies – he explains – we are considering inviting companies to stop the trucks. We hope not, but we are discussing it. ”

Great alarm also for the ports Italians and the discourse at the end as regards the possible consequences is the same as for road transport. The controversy is very heated. A circular of the Ministry of the Interior recommends that companies in the sector “make available to personnel without a Green pass free rapid molecular or antigenic tests“. Then he specifies that economic operators” will be able to evaluate “. The Workers’ Committee reiterates that from 15 October, if the obligation of the Green Pass is not withdrawn, will block the activities of port of Trieste“.

Trieste is a strategic node, so much so that the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, speaks of “enormous damage”. The Five Stars ask the dockers to avert the blockade of the port. Around which the overall logistics revolve around 10 thousand families between direct and indirect places.

“If this short circuit between institutions and citizens is not defused, we risk burning 15 years of work and development in a few weeks, with serious consequences on employment levels that will last for many years to come”. The Fvg section of the Confetra, the Association that brings together freight forwarders, shipping agents, terminal operators and customs agents.

But in Trieste the dockers are more and more on a war footing. “The only openness they can have towards us is remove the Green pass. The block on Friday is confirmed, today there will be surprises because not only the port of Trieste will stop. Even that of Genoa? I would not stop at the one in Genoa, almost all of them the ports will stop. Tonight we will have confirmation. “These are the words of the spokesman of the dockers Stefano Puzzer.

For now there are no particular critical issues in the ports of Livorno and Piombino. No criticalities are expected at the moment a Naples and Salerno where there are few unvaccinated dockers. As for instead Palermo, the Palermo dockers who do not have the green pass would be only about thirty out of a total of 450 workers in the two companies that operate within the Port of Palermo: Portitalia and Osp. A percentage estimated at around 7 percent. TO Genoa about 20% of dockers are not vaccinated and therefore do not have a Green pass Some large companies in the port, however, according to the unions at the end of a meeting in the prefecture, have decided that they will pay tampons to unvaccinated employees.

Alarm cry also for agriculture. Launch it today there Coldiretti. The obligation of the Green pass is triggered in agriculture for about 400 thousand workers who are currently engaged in the countryside where, among other things, the harvest, the apple harvest and the olive harvest has just begun. This is precisely what emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti which estimates around 25% the number of Italian and foreign agricultural workers who are not yet vaccinated for a total of approximately 100 thousand.

«In order not to let the productions on the trees rot – affirms the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini – it is important to intervene for facilitate access to work of those who are in order “. Prandini stresses that” agricultural activity is linked to the seasonal cycles of crops and cannot be stopped “and observes that” in the first place the simplification and speeding up of operations control helps farms that are not outdoors
they can count on turnstiles for checking workers’ entry “.

In the mobile departments of the Police, that is, those engaged in public order services, the percentage of not vaccinated it tops in some cities too 30% of the total: a percentage, according to data from the unions, much higher than the general percentage of policemen who did not get immunized and which would be more than 20%. Again according to the unions, the percentage would be almost 39% in Florence, out of just over 350 men, and 33% in Turin (300 men). On the other hand, the number of unvaccinated in the mobile wards of Rome is lower – 17% of about 600 policemen are not immunized – Milan (19% out of 550) and Genoa (13% out of 350). Again with regard to the police, a circular from the chief of police, Lamberto Giannini provides that a policeman will be able to continue working even if his green pass expires during the service.

There shouldn’t be any further problems in the world of school where the Green pass is already on the agenda since the resumption of lessons in September.

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