Green pass control at work, the Chief of Police: “Sample checks” –

Green pass control at work, the Chief of Police: “Sample checks” –
Green pass control at work, the Chief of Police: “Sample checks” –
from Monica Guerzoni, Fiorenza Sarzanini

The circular on the control states that failure to possess the green pass will not automatically give the right to smart working, while the checks must preferably take place in the early hours of the shift.

The checks to verify the possession of the green pass
they must be carried out every day, at the entrance on at least 20% of the staff, then proceeding in rotation.

This is foreseen by the circular of the Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini which clarifies numerous points of the new decree in force since 15 October. The provisions concern both the offices and the police stations, and the controls that the police may be called upon to carry out. The checks must be carried out on a carpet or sample basis daily and preferably outside the structure when accessing. They should preferably take place in the early hours of the shift after entering the office.
In the case of random checks, he must be interested in checking at least 20% of the staff present. There must be a rotation criterion to be documented daily in order to extend and complete the verification on all personnel in a short time.

And again: The employee must be allowed to declare failure to possess the green certification upon entry thus avoiding incurring the further consequences envisaged by the regulations. For smart working yes clarifies that it will not be possible to identify the employees to be assigned to agile work on the basis of the lack of possession of the Green pass.

And, in case the employee lacks or refuses to show the green pass at the time of access to the facility, the staff must preclude entry by formally contesting the unjustified absence.

If the employee had access to the facility and started the shift but turns out to be without certification or does not exhibit it must be invited to leave the office. In this case, besides being considered unjustified absent, he incurs an administrative sanction from 600 to 1500 € and the dispute must be forwarded to the prefect.

The circular clarifies that the policemen will be able to continue working even if during the service the green pass should expire: The possession of the green pass, valid at the time of the control – the document reads – will allow the holder to continue the service until its conclusion at the Administration facilities.

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