Landini victim of himself: his are the most ferocious slogans against the green passport

Landini victim of himself: his are the most ferocious slogans against the green passport
Landini victim of himself: his are the most ferocious slogans against the green passport

The nemesis, at times: “You can’t pay to work,” was the most repeated slogan to excite the chaotic novax squares that were demonstrating against the mandatory Green Pass. Including the square in Rome, the one that produced the hooligan assault of the demonstrators, led by neo-fascists known to the judicial chronicles of the capital, at the headquarters of the CGIL.

Too bad that the inventor of the lucky slogan was the landlord, Maurizio Landini, who for weeks repeated it in every microphone at his disposal, leading a bellicose resistance to the Draghi government’s decision to introduce the obligation of vaccine or tampon for access workplaces and social areas. “Work is a right – was his reasoning – it cannot exist that you have to pay to be able to enter a factory or office”. A question of principle, for Landini, who (we are in mid-September) challenged Draghi: «The government has not been able to take the decision on the obligation to vaccinate its internal divisions, have the courage to say so. They did everything without consulting us, as always, and now they expect the workers to pay ”. The solution proposed by the union leader was the same one devised now by Beppe Grillo: free swabs (ie at the expense of the “bosses” and vaccinated taxpayers) for the novax: “The cost cannot be borne by the worker: both companies, with State aid, to support the expenses to guarantee everyone the right to work ». Claims similar to those coming from the no-green pass riots, in essence.

It is a classic story of sorcerer’s apprentices, who first invoke and animate the saraband, and then become victims of it. Proof of this is the fact that it was not only the Forza Nuova squads who took it out on the head of the CGIL, but also the equal and opposite front of the “red protest”: from Cobas to Communist Refoundation, passing through social centers and students of the left, which targeted Landini and the CGIL, which first contested but did not prevent the introduction of the pass, to the sound of “sold” and “servants of the bosses”. The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando also acknowledged that Landini’s initial position was ambiguous: “He was mistaken, in my opinion, that the vaccination obligation spared him the management of conflicts in the workplace: I think it was a choice wrong”. And it is no coincidence that, after the novax assault on the CGIL, Landini skated a bit on the facts, denying the evidence: “The squad attack has nothing to do with the Green Pass,” he argued. “It was an assault on the world of work and the union.” And immediately he called a pro-CGIL demonstration (to be held, certainly quite casually, on the eve of the ballots) with slogans vague enough not to enter into the merits of the agitations degenerated into vandalism: “For work and democracy” . Vast program, General De Gaulle would have said. But not a breath against the novaxes of the no-green pass.


Landini victim ferocious slogans green passport

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