Green pass mandatory also in the Chamber, the rules for deputies

Green pass mandatory also in the Chamber, the rules for deputies
Green pass mandatory also in the Chamber, the rules for deputies

Italy green pass mandatory also in the Chamber of Deputies starting next October 15, with rules and possible sanctions for parliamentarians who will not have them. This was recalled by the College of Quaestors of Montecitorio in a letter sent to all the deputies, attaching the resolution adopted by the same College at the meeting of 12 October, in which they were defined “the procedures for carrying out checks when accessing the premises” as well as “the procedures for applying” the sanctions in cases of access to the Chamber without a Green pass.

“Starting next Friday, October 15, access to the Chamber offices will be allowed only to those who exhibit a valid Covid-19 green certification, issued in accordance with current regulations”, reads the letter. Parliamentarians are advised to use the main entrance located on Piazza Montecitorio, which will be reopened from Monday 18 October. “We also recommend that you check with the utmost care that you always have the certification with you, in digital and / or paper format, given that the mandatory nature of his exhibition as a title for access to the premises of our institution“, the Quaestors also write, inviting deputies to transmit the resolution to their collaborators in order to” promote the widest dissemination of the measures contained therein “and to facilitate control operations.

The possession of the Green pass by the deputies will be verified through “the relative presentation in digital format” or “paper”; the verification of the green certification will be carried out “at all entrances to the offices of the Chamber at the time of each access, even during the same day, by and under the responsibility of parliamentary assistants, who may make use, in carrying out the material verification operations, of the help of personnel not employed by the Chamber of Deputies“, reads the resolution approved by the College of Quaestors.” The certification verification is carried out using the Verification app C19“with the use of” digital devices owned by the Administration of the Chamber of Deputies “, we read again.


Green pass mandatory Chamber rules deputies

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