“Devastation and damage” – Time

“Devastation and damage” – Time
“Devastation and damage” – Time

Massimiliano Gobbi

October 13, 2021

Another 24 people reported for the clashes on Saturday evening in the capital, 15 of these reported for theassault on CGIL. This is the balance of the clashes that took place on 9 October last on the sidelines of the demonstration to say “No to the Green pass”.

The information was filed by the carabinieri of the information unit of the provincial command of Rome, with all identified persons accused of violence, resistance and injury to a public official, as well as an “unauthorized” demonstration. Everyone is recognized for the competition. Among the 24 denounced, 15 of them actively participated in the acquittal of the CGIL of Corso d’Italia therefore for them the accusation is also that of devastation, occupation of the building and damage. In the next few hours, further measures by the Carabinieri intelligence, in contact with other provincial commands throughout the national territory, are not excluded.

This is an investigation of the weapon arrived thanks to the vision of video surveillance cameras that is continuing even in these hours. From the Arma, they let it be known, that the phase of identifying new managers is continuing. Some of the characters reached by the measures and reported to the judicial authorities are known to the police for street riots and other crimes, but there are also cleansed.

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