Secondary ordinary competition, some traces of practical and oral tests already assigned

Secondary ordinary competition, some traces of practical and oral tests already assigned
Secondary ordinary competition, some traces of practical and oral tests already assigned

Ordinary secondary competition: pending the publication in the Official Gazette of the decree that will start the written test, take a look at what has been prepared for the recent STEM competition, which involved the competition classes A020, A026, A027, A028, A041.

Traces of the oral tests of the STEM competition for competition class A028 Mathematics and Sciences prepared by the Commission of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region are published.

Traces of oral tests A028 –

Pursuant to art. 8, paragraph 7, of the Ministerial Decree no. 499/2020 the oral exam is aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s preparation according to the provisions of Annex A, which is an integral part of the decree and evaluates the mastery of the disciplines, as well as the ability of effective didactic planning also with reference to ICT, aimed at the achievement of the objectives set by the didactic regulations in force.

The oral exam has a maximum total duration of 45 minutes and consists of: a simulated lesson preceded by an illustration of the content, didactic and methodological choices made, by discussions with the candidate, by the commission, on the contents of the lesson and also for the purpose of assessing knowledge of the foreign language and ICT.

The commission awards

  • the content
  • the context to refer to, eg. first class of 25 pupils
  • the specificities of the pupils, eg. presence of a pupil with certification L. 104 paragraph 1 / paragraph 3 and presence of
  • Tools available

Traces of the practical tests of the STEM competition for the class of competition A028 Mathematics and Sciences prepared by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Commission, extracted from the candidates who have already taken the aforementioned tests, are published.

The new competitions

We are on the eve of important appointments for precarious teachers. The Usr are once again preparing the census of the computer rooms for the written test.

The procedure for the ordinary competition for secondary school, as introduced by the Sostegni bis Decree provides

  • a single written test with multiple multiple choice questions, aimed at ascertaining knowledge e
    competences of the candidate on the discipline of the competition class or type of place for which
    participates, as well as on computer science and the English language.

NB There is no prior publication of the questions. The test is evaluated at a maximum of 100 points and is passed by those who achieve the minimum score of 70 points;

  • oral exam;
  • evaluation of qualifications;
  • formation of the ranking on the basis of the assessments referred to in letters a) b) and c), within the limit of the places available;


Secondary ordinary competition traces practical oral tests assigned

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