Another Brazilian can play in Mancini’s Italy

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Roberto Mancini’s Italy could soon be able to count on another Brazilian: after Jorginho and Toloi, another ‘usable’ name

After Jorginho e fool, another Brazilian could wear the Italy shirt. Roberto’s national team Mancini collects the opening of a Serie A footballer, also with an Italian passport. The name is that of Roger Ibanez: the defender of Roma, on which Mourinho he is aiming a lot, he has not closed the idea of ​​accepting the eventual call-up of Italy. He does so in an interview with the ‘Corriere dello Sport’, where he explains: “I have three passports. I was born in Brazil and I feel Brazilian, so he would like to play in Brazil but let’s see ”.

Ibanez is ready to listen to any proposals: “I listen to who will contact me: football has changed, there are many national teams that naturalize players”. It could be the intermediary fool, his teammate at Atalanta: “He is a friend of mine and he was an important point of reference when I arrived in Bergamo”. There have been no calls at the moment, but if that happens the door to Italy is open: “We’ll see what happens”.

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Ibanez (Getty Images)

Italy, Ibanez does not close to the call

Ibanez could therefore join the other three naturalized currently in the national team Mancini. The ‘pillar’ is definitely Jorginho, also a candidate to win the Ballon d’Or after the success at Euro 2020. In addition to the midfielder of the Chelsea There are also Emerson Palmieri and the latest arrival Toloi.

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All Brazilian, just like Ibanez who could then go to thicken the particular Brazilian colony at Mancini’s court.


Brazilian play Mancinis Italy

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