VanMoof V, new eBike with double electric motor

VanMoof V, new eBike with double electric motor
VanMoof V, new eBike with double electric motor

The well-known Dutch eBike manufacturer VanMoof presented his new model VanMoof V which defines as a “hyperbike“Not many details have been shared as the electric bike is still under development as the first deliveries are expected. for the end of 2022. However, what was communicated is very interesting. With this product, the manufacturer intends to offer a vehicle that can actually be a valid alternative to the car for daily trips around the city.

The bike can count on well two electric motors, one on the rear wheel hub and one on the front wheel hub. We can therefore say that the eBike, indeed, the hyperbike will be able to count on a sort of “four-wheel drive“. The double engine will allow, therefore, not only better acceleration but also to reach speeds that on paper are not up to standard. In fact, the manufacturer declares that the bike can reach the speed of 50 km / h.

As we know, in Europe, the intervention of the electric motor in eBikes must be stopped at 25 km / h. In the case of s pedelecs, the limit goes up to 45 km / h but these bikes must have a license plate and insurance. Cyclists must then have a driving license. This hyperbike, therefore, goes beyond these limits. In any case, VanMoof makes it known that the new VanMoof V will have settings to change the speed according to local regulations.

This means that it will probably also be offered with the 25 km / h limit. However, the Dutch manufacturer then hints that he intends to work with the authorities to encourage a change in speed limits for eBikes. The current rules, according to the company, would be holding back the development of eBikes and the spread of these vehicles as alternatives to cars. In this regard, VanMoof also suggests the possible adoption of a geofencing system to give “more freedom” to bikes on some roads.

Returning to the hyperbike, the company announces that it will have an aluminum frame. To improve comfort on long journeys, the manufacturer has decided to use wider tires and equip the bike with front and rear suspension. The double engine will be able to deliver powers up to 1 kW depending on the configuration. The battery, integrated into the frame, will offer a capacity of 700 Wh. No mention of autonomy. Price? 3.498 euro. This model will be sold in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan. Those interested can already book it.

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