Milan, swastika with the CGIL symbol in the ATM depot. “Very serious act, we are under attack” –

Milan, swastika with the CGIL symbol in the ATM depot. “Very serious act, we are under attack” –
Milan, swastika with the CGIL symbol in the ATM depot. “Very serious act, we are under attack” –

A huge swastika with the CGIL symbol in the center. After the assault on the union headquarters in Rome, the provocation in the ATM depot in San Donato Milanese. The climate of tension is growing, in view of the debut of the green pass obligation in the world of work on 15 October. The transport system is under pressure, threatened by the abstention from work by the No vax and No green pass groups. The flag was found this morning, October 13, by the union representatives of the tram drivers. It was posted on the door of their office. “A very serious act that we will denounce to the police so that an investigation is opened and the perpetrators can be identified”, says Filt-CGIL: “A cowardly act that offends not only the CGIL but the whole world of work that has fought against Nazism and Fascism by paying with the death of male and female workers, trade unionists and anti-Fascists ».

The ATM world is in shock. “If possible, it is an even more serious act due to the role that workers and trade unionists in ATM have had in the fight against Fascism. An act that offends Milan city Gold Medal of the Resistance “, underlines the union:” A clockwork act in the days when the CGIL was subjected to violence and devastation with the raid of neo-fascist groups in its headquarters. An act committed by cowards who during the day feeds hatred towards the last by whispering and at night attacks the Democratic Union which works in the light of the sun. An act against the CGIL because together with the whole confederal union it works to unite the workers in the name of that solidarity that someone would like to break in favor of the strongest against the weakest, of arrogance against intelligence, of more or less legitimate economic interests against the protection of workers’ rights “.

Saturday 16 October the CGIL trade unionists will demonstrate with the CISL and UIL “to demand the dissolution of the various neo-fascist parties and groups that in the country continue to organize themselves, to affirm the democratic and inclusive values ​​of our Constitution, to ask for action by the police to protect the work of workers’ representatives. An act to which the whole democratic world will give an answer so that the power of reason may win against madness ».

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