Friday no green pass event in Rome on the first day of obligation, attention is high

Friday no green pass event in Rome on the first day of obligation, attention is high
Friday no green pass event in Rome on the first day of obligation, attention is high

For Friday a sit in was organized in Rome with no green passes, the first after the riots on Saturday. The event will be held on the day when the green pass will become mandatory in the workplace. On Saturday, instead, the sit-in of the CGIL and the other confederal unions is scheduled, launched after the assault on the CGIL headquarters in Rome by representatives of Forza Nuova and no vax.

Gives Friday 15 October the green pass it will be mandatory in the workplace. And precisely for that day a sit-in protest was called in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome. This is the first no green pass event after last Saturday, which was followed by clashes with the police, riots and the invasion of the CGIL headquarters in corso d’Italia.

The organizer of the sit-in on Friday: “We will watch over infiltrators”

“We will not accept any provocation: we have prepared a service with two hundred lawyers arriving from all over Italy who will be at the access gates of Piazza Santi Apostoli together with the police, to verify that no unwanted people enter. We are ready, everything will be fine. well, I’m sure, “he said Edward Polacco, president of the Sentinels of the Constitution and organizer of the demonstration on Friday afternoon. A thousand people are expected, but there could be many more, given the particular day, which marks the introduction of the obligation of green pass in all workplaces.

On Saturday the demonstration of the CGIL, alternative sit-in risk of the no green pass

On Saturday 14th, in Piazza San Giovanni, the demonstration of CGIL, CISL and UIL is scheduled as a sign of solidarity right after the assault on the CGIL headquarters in Corso d’Italia. The center-left candidate for mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, has already said that he will be in the square: “We will be in the streets on Saturday with the CGIL. But it is not a partisan demonstration. We demonstrate for the values ​​of all and not of one part”. On the other hand, there will be no other candidate in the ballot, Enrico Michetti: ‘I respect the laws of the State, there is electoral silence and it must be respected,’ he told the AdnKronos agency. as an alternative to the trade union square, but for now there is no certainty. However, Saturday will be another day to be marked with a red marker. In the next few hours the situation will be analyzed by the provincial committee for order and safety But one thing is certain: after the riots last Saturday, the prefecture and the police headquarters will prevent in every way possible alternative and unauthorized routes during the sit-in and during the demonstrations.


Friday green pass event Rome day obligation attention high

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