“Massimiliano Allegri and Ambra Angiolini broke up”

The romance between Massimiliano Allegri and Ambra Angiolini. According to the weekly Chi, which talks about a long crisis that would have overwhelmed the couple in recent months. A long crisis that began before the lockdown and never got over. According to the indiscretions collected by the magazine, the actress would have tried to save the relationship to the end but in vain. The reason for the removal? Apparently a betrayal by the coach of Juventus.

The shadow of betrayal

“Ambra waited, tried to understand and clarify, but there was nothing more to be done”, reads the gossip magazine. The ex-girlfriend of Non è la Rai, who recently moved to Milan for love, would not even participate in the wedding of Valentina Allegri, the eldest daughter of Max. The latter, for his part, would have disappeared without leaving too many explanations to his now ex-girlfriend, caught by the paparazzi with a very sad and melancholy look.


Massimiliano Allegri Ambra Angiolini broke

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