Lamorgese under siege studies the squeeze in the square

Lamorgese under siege studies the squeeze in the square
Lamorgese under siege studies the squeeze in the square

Now the rumors are chasing each other in the corridor of the Viminale: the minister Luciana Lamorgese remains practically closed in her office. «And who sees it more …» says some well-informed. He tries to launch some press releases through his press office, does not appear, despite the insistence, at meetings with police unions and does not take clear positions on the violence recorded last Saturday. The intolerance of the ministry is more than tangible. “You feel safe – some employees tell us -, because Prime Minister Mario Draghi has armored you, in reality he is doing little or nothing. Someone is even trying to blame the attack on the CGIL on the prefect Matteo Piantedosi, but the truth is that coordination was missing from the Interior Ministry. The prefecture has done too much ».

Yesterday, the secretary of Sap (Autonomous Police Syndicate) Stefano Paoloni added to the dose: «The minister is far from real problems and refuses to meet the staff representatives who would like to explain the numerous operational problems to him. Many services are at risk, not having had the ability to manage the repercussions of the green pass on the security system in due time ». And he continues: «The danger also lies in the fact that those who have joined the vaccination campaign will be forced to make up for the absences of those without a green pass or who have not been able to obtain it. This will happen because in many cities there are no vacancies before 7/8 days ».

Even the secretary of the FSP police Valter Mazzetti had said it in no uncertain terms: “It is sad to have to note, once again, what we consider an absolute, total lack of respect that the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese reserves for trade union representatives, and then to women and men of the state police, even in the face of issues that are all political and that are thus beautifully downloaded onto the shoulders of administrations and trade unions, confronted with positions that are sometimes totally detached from reality ».

And if on the one hand the minister sees attacks from the sovereigns, in the lead Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni who have long been calling for his resignation, now also the Pd and Leu underline the organizational problems and push for the Interior Ministry to do its part. The secretary of the dem Enrico Letta speaks of “shortcomings in the management of public order so evident that there is not much to say”. Along the same lines Federico Fornaro di Leu, who asks that the minister report to Parliament on the issue linked to the violence carried out by Forza Nuova.

The owner of the Interior Ministry will report to the Senate on Tuesday 19 October. The conference of group leaders established this yesterday. Meanwhile, today, in view of the demonstrations scheduled for next weekend, the Committee for public order and safety should meet to dictate the guidelines for containing any degeneration of the protests in the coming days. Provided that the minister decides to participate and do his part.


Lamorgese siege studies squeeze square

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