Nintendo Switch, upcoming game moves everyone: “Finally!”

A game coming out for Nintendo Switch has excited all owners of the console, the reason is really interesting. Here is the video.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a very special console, which thanks to a long series of positive points has really sold a lot. The ability to take your console with you is not a trivial matter and, on the contrary, has convinced many to buy it. All without forgetting the possibility of configuring it on the television in an extremely easy and intuitive way.

Then there are the Nintendo exclusives which, as usual, are welcomed by a huge number of people, who can’t wait to play swimming games. Mario, Zelda e many others which, year after year, set a standard for the entire gaming industry.

And then there’s the convenience factor, with a very small console that has everything you need for gaming built-in. A formula that while not free from defects, with some parts being particularly weak and difficult to repair, it certainly has its advantages.

And more and more high-level developers are taking this Japanese console into consideration, deciding to bring their own titles to this ecosystem as well. Sometimes things don’t go quite perfectly, other times, however, we talk about a great job.

Dying Light 2 su Nintendo Switch, fan in delirio – VIDEO

And it is precisely those who are doing the developers of one of the most anticipated titles of this moment, namely the team of Techland. After announcing that the highly anticipated Dying Light 2 Stay Human will also be released for Nintendo Switch, in a very short video was also shown the care in development for the console.

Particularly the smart implementation of console touch for the map exploration and inventory navigation sections, which is incredibly popular with players. “Obviously it’s not a simple port, thanks!” e “After that, I’ll pre-order it for my Switch” these are just some of the many positive and enthusiastic comments that can be read under the official video.

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In short, as usual, using your head and heart and above all thinking about the final gamer is the best strategy, which beats every possible marketing campaign. We can’t wait to try the game.

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