his Fragments on display at the Palazzo Reale

Milano – From 13 October 2021 to 9 January 2022 in the rooms of the Apartment of the Princes of Royal Palace in Milan the exhibition is open to the public Fragments from Tullio Pericoli curated by Michele Bonuomo in collaboration with the artist, produced by the Municipality of Milan | Culture, Palazzo Reale, Skira Editore and Design Terrae.

The exhibition, consisting of over 150 paintings ranging from 1977 to 2021, it’s a tribute to his long career by the painter and draftsman Tullio Pericoli. The artist born in Colli del Tronto in 1936 moved to Milan in 1961 pushed by Cesare Zavattini. Here Pericoli begins a series of important collaborations with newspapers, such as The day and subsequently the Republic. Pericoli’s career continues unabated: in 1984 his drawings contained in the volume for Olivetti, Robinson Crusoe, are exhibited for the first time at the Pac in Milan, and in 1987 Livio Garzanti commissioned a mural painting from them in the historic location in via della Spiga; and there is no shortage of stage sets for the theater such as those at the Scala in Milan and at the Zurich Opera House.

The central themes in Tullio Pericoli’s artistic work are i landscapes e i faces. Works of which the artist himself seems to be amazed by creating through transfigured faces and apparently surreal landscapes a new surrounding reality, a new world to search for. Influenced by artists such as Klee and Rembrandt, Pericoli’s style is rare and unique. His works are imbued with symbols and naturalistic elements through which art seems to want to go beyond the image itself and its aesthetics: on the canvases there are not simply drawn trees, stones, and people, but real correspondences.

The room dedicated to portraits houses inside paintings depicting illustrious and cultural characters such as Caesar Pavese, Friedrich Nietzsche, Marcel Proust, Italo Calvin and many others. Art is also memory, and Tullio Pericoli teaches us to use the sense of sight not only to look, but also to penetrate reality in its truth; he directs the visitor and incites him to a conscious, profound and aware gaze. They dialogues with his landscapes and immortalizes them on canvas without neglecting any substratum of true reality.

In the works of Pericoli it is clearly visible the need to deepen the world around him and the concern to never remain on the surface, always searching for the ontological sense in every gaze. Memory becomes the tool to not forget and Pericoli thus listens to an invisible voice that leads him to abandon himself in front of what he has without preconceptions and without certainties. In his paintings you can feel a certain familiarity with the subjects represented since, despite transmitting a sense of alienation thanks to the light lines, the delicate curves and the blurred colors, the art of Pericoli brings the visitor back to reality thanks to the concreteness and depth of the contents, never predictable and never banal. The exhibition thus appears as a mysterious journey for the landscapes seen by the artist’s eyes, a long way where it is possible to visit places and people under other lights and other shades.

«I paint landscapes to learn their language and read their pages. A reading that always starts from geology. I also paint them to remind us that we cannot and must not get rid of memory, to follow a story that, layer by layer, unfolds for infinite times. But this is perhaps not entirely true. I don’t paint landscapes to make landscapes. I paint them mainly for the pleasure of painting, and to do one painting after another ». Tullio Pericoli.

The exhibition can be visited in the following opening time: from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.30, Thursday until 22.30 (last admission always one hour before closing). Tickets 6 euros (4 euros reduction). Further information on email.

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