I in Rome will vote for Gualtieri. Blitz di Grillo, will see the parliamentarians- Corriere.it

I in Rome will vote for Gualtieri. Blitz di Grillo, will see the parliamentarians- Corriere.it
I in Rome will vote for Gualtieri. Blitz di Grillo, will see the parliamentarians- Corriere.it
from Emanuele Buzzi

Letta applauds the 5-star leader. Raggi postpones the meeting with the groups: don’t make a current

Beppe Grillo who returns to Rome, Luigi Di Maio who is elected to lead the guarantee committee, Virginia Raggi who goes straight on his way and meets M5S advisers and activists to start over from the territories: one leadership, a thousand obstacles. The path of Giuseppe Conte at the head of the Movement he lives in this phase of traps, poisons, contrasts (sometimes even magnified by the Five Stars themselves). Hence the need for the president of the Movement to accelerate, to personally test what is happening, closely marking any rivals.

Conte continues with his progressive alliance project. Interview with diMarted on La 7, he announces his support for the dem candidate on the ballot in the capital: I will go to vote for Gualtieri, even if I am not saying that the M5S should do it, because the voters are not parcels. The words of the Cinque Stelle president received the applause of Enrico Letta: they do him honor.

But the day of the former premier also marked by another moment: the passage to the Chamber, officially to meet the Campania parliamentarians linked to the ballots, unofficially for a briefing with the board. The M5S president knows that the tensions in the Movement are increasing, that the question of internal appointments is becoming decisive (Regardless of who he chooses, splitting the group, ensures a big one). And try to measure the temperature of dissent. The rumors speak of a group of at least 20 people ready to leave the Five Stars between November and December: an alarm bell that would reduce even more the margins of maneuver of the Movement in view of the election of the head of state. It is mainly of Campania, Apulian and Sicilian deputies: a hard core of the South, where the pentastellati have greater appeal politico.

Conte is concerned not only with possible splinters, but also a group of pro-Rays parliamentarians: a dozen say the well-informed. Numbers that are refuted by circles close to the mayor, who in turn counterattacks: There is no current, enough exploitation. The fact is that the meeting that the mayor wanted to organize with the parliamentarians will be held in a week and Conte will also participate. the sign of the understanding between the two, sources close to the mayor claim. But there are those who speak of volont of the leader to make his presence felt closely to Raggi.

And precisely roles and presences risk becoming another topic of discussion in the M5S. Luigi Di Maio was unanimously elected president of the guarantee committee, a role that in the past – see the management of Vito Crimi – had a certain weight. Di Maio’s appointment allows Conte to speed up internal matters (now the guarantee committee can work on the regulations necessary for the selection of the national council and the management of the funds). But precisely in this chaotic phase, Beppe Grillo reappears. A blitz in Rome by the guarantor considered imminent. The founder has not landed in the capital for over six months: it would be the first Roman trip with Conte as president. There are those who say that it may even arrive very close, already in the next few hours, while those who assure that it will be in Rome only in the middle of next week. What is certain is that Grillo will see the leaders and, above all, that he will feel the (restless) moods of the groups.

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