falling temperatures and strong winds

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12 October 2021 15:26


Definitely colder currents and a marked variability have been affecting the South for days. On Sicily also this week we will continue to remain in a weather context characterized by widespread instability due to the deepening of a new depression vortex fed by cold currents of Scandinavian origin .

The Civil Protection has issued a warning for meteo-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk with a yellow alert, valid from 16 today until midnight tomorrow (13 October). In particular, “scattered precipitations are expected, including downpours or thunderstorms. The phenomena will be accompanied by strong showers, local hailstorms, frequent electrical activity and strong gusts of wind”.

A clear worsening of weather conditions – according to Federico Brescia of 3bmeteo – is expected between Wednesday and Thursday, starting from the northern areas with local heavy rains and thunderstorms even with hailstorms. Snowfalls are expected above 1500-1700 meters in inland areas “.

The rest of the week will continue under the domination of strong winds from Tramontana and Grecale with gusts locally up to 60-65km / h on the plains and coast, up to 70-80km / h on the ridges exposed in the mountains but the days will be more stable overall. and sunny, although some showers or thunderstorms may return on Sunday (to be confirmed). It will be very cold for the period and temperatures will drop further.

For Palermo, the weather conditions are expected to worsen significantly between Wednesday and Thursday. This is due to a new cold Scandinavian impulse that will feed a new depression vortex thanks to an increase in clouds with rains and thunderstorms, locally also with hailstorms. There will be some dry breaks between one reverse and another.

The weekend will continue in the company of cold winds from Tramontana and Grecale. Beware of the gusts that between Wednesday evening and Saturday can reach 50-55km / h. The weather, however, will tend to improve and will be decidedly more sunny, there will be some passing clouds that on Sunday can give rise to fast showers. Cold climate, temperatures well below the average for the period and further decreasing.


falling temperatures strong winds

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