competition for 6 geologists and engineers

competition for 6 geologists and engineers
competition for 6 geologists and engineers

The Puglia Region has launched a competition for geologists and engineers, technical policy specialists, for the Civil Protection Section, aimed at covering 6 jobs.

The public selection, in fact, is aimed at graduates and hiring is planned a fixed term (6 months).

There is time until November 4, 2021. Here is the announcement to download and useful information to apply.


A competition was therefore launched by the Puglia Region for the recruitment of 6 geologists and engineers, category D1, professional area “Competitiveness and development of the system (regional policies)”, professional profile “Technical policy specialist”, role area “Civil Protection and Land Protection”.

The selected figures will therefore be the following:

  • n. 2 Geology to be used in hydrogeological risk prevention activities. Competition code PC / 01;
  • n. 4 Civil Engineers to be used in the management, control, planning of civil protection interventions. Competition code PC / 02.


To participate in the competition of the Puglia Region for geologists and engineers, the requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the Member States of the European Union or of other categories indicated in the announcement;
  • psychophysical suitability for the job;
  • enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • inclusion in the active political electorate;
  • age not under 18 and not over 65;
  • not be responsible for definitive sentences or definitive measures of prevention measures or criminal proceedings in progress, in the cases provided for by law as a cause for dismissal, or, absence of criminal convictions or definitive measures of preventive measures or criminal proceedings in progress that may constitute an impediment to the establishment and / or maintenance of the employment relationship of public administration employees;
  • regular position with respect to military service obligations, for those subject to this obligation;
  • not having been dismissed or dispensed from employment in a Public Administration;
  • knowledge of the English language and of the most common IT applications.

Candidates are also required to possess at least one of the following qualifications:


  • Degree class L-34 in Geological Sciences or class LM-74 in Geological Sciences and Techniques;
  • Old system degree diploma, or specialist or master’s degree in one of the classes considered equivalent to those indicated above.


  • Degree class L-07 Civil and Environmental Engineering, LM-23 Civil Engineering, LM-35 Engineering for the Environment and the Territory;
  • Bachelor’s degree, specialist or master’s degree in one of the classes considered equivalent to those indicated above.


Contest winners will receive a monthly salary of € 1844,62.


The selection of candidates will take place through evaluation of qualifications it’s a oral interview, concerning the topics indicated in the notice attached at the end of the article.


The application for participation in the competition for geologists and engineers at the Puglia Region must be submitted by November 4, 2021 by half PEC, at the address: [email protected]

Those who do not have a certified e-mail can obtain it in 30 minutes through the PEC activation service. All the details are in our in-depth article.

The application for admission is required to attach your training and professional curriculum.


Those interested in the competition are therefore invited to carefully read the NOTICE (Pdf 4 Mb) published in excerpt in the Official Gazette no. 79 of 05-10-2021.


All the subsequent communications relating to the diary of the exam and the rankings will be announced on the website of the Puglia Region, on the home page and in the ‘Transparent Administration> Competition notices’ section.


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