Deputy Chief No Pass suspended and soon expelled. Reported an agent: he beat a protester

Deputy Chief No Pass suspended and soon expelled. Reported an agent: he beat a protester
Deputy Chief No Pass suspended and soon expelled. Reported an agent: he beat a protester

Alessandra Schilirò, Deputy Chief of the State Police, has been suspended and could be expelled for addressing the crowd at a No Pass demonstration in Rome. The police are also under fire for a video of a plainclothes officer on duty in Saturday’s march in Rome. An “infiltrator”, who first pretends to participate in the riots and then beats a demonstrator on the ground, taking him away by the hair. And for this the Rome police headquarters reported it to the judicial authority.

The assistant commissioner took a position on Facebook on the violence in the capital by giving the cross to the police and asking for «the immediate punishment of the policemen who beat the demonstrators without any provocation. Violence is inadmissible wherever it comes from ». Then the novel Joan of Arc anti pass defends herself: “It’s funny how she is persecuted and almost burned at the stake for having publicly manifested my thoughts free from service, instead, anyone who beats a citizen passes over in silence.”

From today Schilirò is suspended from her duties and a source in the Giornale explains that she will be expelled by the police for the tirade on the stage in Piazza San Giovanni in the demonstration on 25 September. Not even the “cover” of a trade union post guaranteed immediately afterwards by a mini association was needed. The same policewoman specifies that since yesterday “I have revoked my membership in the Cosap union.”

The Minister of the Interior ended up in the storm for videos shot during the clashes that show a plainclothes agent among the demonstrators. An “infiltrator” as happened in the past during the lead years and at the G8 in Genoa. «Digos personnel who are not known may be temporarily infiltrated in a critical situation, but the rule is not to intervene like the other agents. Once everything is finished, the plainclothes officer goes to the police station to identify the troublemakers ”explains a source in the Giornale.

The bald character with a gray T-shirt and a covered face, initially with a mask and dark glasses, is seen in a first film when the demonstrators frightfully wave a police vehicle. From the images it is clear that the mysterious man only places his hand on his mobile phone, pretending to participate in the “assault”.

Then in another video, when the situation degenerates, the same character, who has lost his temper, beats with enthusiasm, first punching and then kicking, a demonstrator on the ground already stopped by uniformed officers. And for this he is reported to the judiciary. “We saw him beat up Valerio, one of our people from Fiumicino,” say the Forza Nuova militants at Adnkronos. The uniformed cops seem to calm him down, but then, in the last clip of the video, he is seen pulling the protester by the hair and taking him away along with other officers. The absurdity is that it is a policeman, but not infiltrated for service according to a not very clear statement from the Rome police headquarters. Vittorio Sgarbi posting the video on Facebook asks that he “be disbarred by the police.” We do not know what the detained and beaten up protester of Forza Nuova, which unleashed the violence in Rome, did.

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