Geomagnetic storm, are you alert? Discomforts created all over the world

Geomagnetic storm, are you alert? Discomforts created all over the world
Geomagnetic storm, are you alert? Discomforts created all over the world

There are strong chances of a geomagnetic storm coming. The coronal mass will hit the Earth with particular consequences.

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We know well how the climatic conditions are changing more and more. A factor not to be underestimated and which indicates how human production is having a very important impact on the Earth. In this regard, various areas of the world have seen, and will see, the breakdown of geomagnetic storms.

It all started from sunspot AR2882 which threw out the coronal mass (CME) towards the planet. CMEs directed towards us form a 360 degree halo around the sun. These have caused geomagnetic disruptions. Experts assure that the storms will be mild and moderate. In technical jargon, on a scale up to G5, storms will be G1 O G2. According to experts, the journey should take a couple of days. Started on 9 October, it is expected to approach Earth’s atmosphere between 11 and 12 October.

In this case, some interference to radio communications e blackout momentary. But there is also the downside. Lucky American citizens, should a moderately strong G2 storm occur, could witness the north easterly. These could be seen as far south as New York. It is not the only case of geomagnetic storms to arrive on Earth. We refer to the inconvenience felt in the Indian subcontinent, in which some details have been noted frequency propagation effects below 25 MHz.

Geomagnetic storm: the Carrington event

The above shouldn’t have too much of an impact on Earth. These cases are not the first and, of course, they will not be the last. The historical event, which all experts in this sector remember, is the one that took place in 1859 and is known as theCarrington event.

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This was the largest geomagnetic storm ever observed by astronomers. It gets its name because it was observed by the English astronomer Richard Carrington. There was a huge coronal mass explosion that year. From the end of August, on the 28th, auroras could be observed as far north as Colombia. The maximum point was reached between the first and the second of September with a true one collapse of telegraph systems both in Europe than in North America. The Northern Lights showed up at unusual latitudes, such as Rome, Madrid, Jamaica and Cuba.


Geomagnetic storm alert Discomforts created world

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