Francantonio Genovese, Cassation confirms the sentence for the former deputy Pd and Fi. New trial ordered for money laundering charges

Francantonio Genovese, Cassation confirms the sentence for the former deputy Pd and Fi. New trial ordered for money laundering charges
Francantonio Genovese, Cassation confirms the sentence for the former deputy Pd and Fi. New trial ordered for money laundering charges

Go back to jail Francantonio Genovese, the former deputy of the Pd, ras of consents in the Messinese, where it was also Mayor of the capital, at the center of a scandal on the use of resources for the professional training in Sicily. The Supreme Court has in fact confirmed the judgment on Appeal a 6 years and 8 months. Therefore, the sentence for attempted extortion to the detriment of the then regional director of training Ludovico Albert, for two episodes of tax crimes, while for the crime of recycling, which had been excluded by the Messina Court of Appeal, the Cassation ordered a retrial a Reggio Calabria.

Thus ends a long judicial battle that began in 2014, when the Strait Prosecutor’s Office had forwarded a request for arrest for the parliamentary dem, signed by Sebastiano Ardita, at the time deputy prosecutor in Messina, at the head of the investigation on Formation, and the substitutes Antonio Carchietti e Fabrizio Monaco. The Camera of the deputies voted in favor of the authorization to proceed and at the end of the vote Genovese took a airplane to return to Sicily and surrender to the police. On May 15 he entered the prison where he remained for a few days, only to return after the appeal of the prosecutor’s office. He remained in jail for 10 months, then move on to domiciliary for other 4. At the end of the preventive measures, in November 2015, he announced his passage in Come on Italy (then abandoned already in July 2019).

In the meantime, the former parliamentarian has left political activity on the front line, continuing to collect electoral consent through the application of the child Luigi, elected in November 2017 as the youngest regional councilor, at only 21 years, with 17463 preferences. Votes that almost matched the 19mila with which his father was the most voted in Italy in 2012 at primary of the Democratic Party and which were essential in 2017 for the election of the current Sicilian president, Nello Musumeci. A consent almost completely transferred to his son, without hitches, despite the sentence – in January of the same year – in the first instance of 11 years, following a process that lasted two years and which had seen illustrious witnesses such as the former Minister for Economic Cohesion, Fabrizio Barca, the former governor Rosario Crocetta and former executive Albert, who accused him of attempted extortion.

And it is this offense that now Weighs on the condemnation of the Sicilian politician. During the trial of first instance, Albert had testified that he had received pressure from Genovese, to which he had resisted, and “in the face of his resistance to comply with the request to intervene on the ranking in favor of Training Service, said to him: ‘we’ll have to stick you to 360 degrees‘”, So we read in reasons of first degree conviction, written by the judges of the first criminal section of Messina. Accusation, according to the magistrates, who had “found full confirmation in the statements made by the accused Salvatore La Macchia“, that has “confirmed fully”.

After the first instance sentence, on 20 September 2019 the Court of Appeal eased the sentence to 6 years and eight months, acquitting the former mayor of Messina of the charges of recycling e self-laundering, while they are results prescribed some charges for tax offenses e scam. The cassation confirmed the sentence on Monday evening – five years for attempted extortion, one year for criminal association and 6 months for two tax crimes – and accepted the appeal of the public prosecutor of Messina, led by Vincenzo Barbaro, for acquittal from the charge of money laundering.

The brother-in-law was also accused in the same trial, Franco Rinaldi, former regional councilor for the Pd: for him the Supreme Court has decided for cancellation without postponement for the crime of association, by prescription, while the sentence for tax crimes was confirmed to two years and six months. At the end of the Court’s reading, the comment of the defender of Genovese bitter, Nino Favazzo: “An epilogue unacceptable what sees Genovese sentenced to a very severe sentence for a crime he certainly did not commit: the attempted extortion against Ludovico Albert – said Favazzo -. Yes, because, for the main of its protagonists, the training process was reduced to a sentence for a hateful crime but non-existent, despite the two rulings on the merits, confirmed today, have held the opposite. For the rest, I am not surprised by the blanket declaration of inadmissibility of the appeals, because almost all the crimes for which there was a conviction, even the attempted extortion, in case of their admissibility, should have been declared prescribed, as it happened. for the appeal of Franco Rinaldi. In this case, in fact, the acceptance of the reason led to the annulment without postponement for the crime of conspiracy for which there had been condemnation in the second degree ”.

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