Amici 21, Christian Stefanelli wins the challenge, Anna Pettinelli “unloads” Inder

During yesterday’s episode, from Friends of Maria de Filippi, we have seen the disciplinary measures taken by the editorial staff against some students.

In particular, they had to answer for their attitude Mattia Zenzola – who won the match against Claudia – singer Inder and finally Flaza. On the latter, the insiders have concentrated particularly, given the hostile attitude and anything but aimed at improvement.

In the daytime of today 12 October, it aired on Channel 5, we took note of what happened after the various reproaches. The performances went on as usual. To face the dance challenge was immediately Christian, who won and confirmed his jersey against a very skilled dancer, Angelo.

whites sang his unpublished Millevoci, in front of the experts of Radio Italy e Rds.It is the most difficult of those I have brought and written, even the one to which I am most emotionally attached. It’s really mine “ commented the young student supported by his coach Anna Pettinelli. Big congratulations to the student from the radio who defined the song “already a hit“.

Elisabetta made his own version of Think bad from Elodie. His coach, Pettinelli, he reconfirmed the shirt inviting her “to open her eyes more” while singing. Lorella Cuccarini instead she was pleasantly impressed by a girl listened to at the casting, Alessandra. The coach has decided to challenge her against Elisabetta for next week and in the meantime he had it exhibited in the studio.

After the performances, back in the house, the boys received an unexpected envelope while they were having lunch. “Dear Inder, needless to tell you how much you disappointed me and I felt made fun of by your attitude.” he began like this Anna Pettinelli, who concluded by explaining that he no longer wanted to represent him as prof. His stay in the talent show, at this point, will depend on the willingness of the other coaches to take him or not in their class.

The pupil he headed for the exit thus greeting his companions:

Now I have so many things to say but I don’t even get one. I look at you all and split. Don’t make the mistakes I made, Flavia.

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