holidays and contributions, how those who do not have it will be penalized – Libero Quotidiano

holidays and contributions, how those who do not have it will be penalized – Libero Quotidiano
holidays and contributions, how those who do not have it will be penalized – Libero Quotidiano

The cleaver Mario Draghi on contributions and holidays. The premier signed the Dpcm sul Green pass, effectively declaring war on those who give October 15 will not exhibit the “green certificate” in the workplace. For the days of unjustified absence due to the failure to present the Green pass, in fact, “the worker is not due either salary or other remuneration or emolument, however denominated, including all components of remuneration, including for social security nature, scheduled for the working day not worked “. Furthermore,” the days of unjustified absence do not contribute to the accrual of holidays and involve the corresponding loss of length of service“. Translated: those who refuse the Green pass will face a heavy blow not only on the current paycheck, but also on future checks.

If a public employee is discovered in the workplace without a Green pass, then he will be removed from the place of employment, he will be considered unjustified absent until he shows the certificate and in the period of absence any holidays or non-working days will also be included. The same sanction, of course, also applies in case of refusal to exhibit the certificate.

In the meantime, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data has expressed, as a matter of urgency, a favorable opinion on the Dpcm scheme which introduces new methods of verifying the Green pass in public and private work. The scheme submitted to the Authority provides, in particular, that the verification of possession of the Covid-19 green certifications can also be carried out through alternative methods to the app VerificaC19, such as the use of a licensed ministry-issued application development package open source, to be integrated into access control systems or, for public and private employers, through the use of a specific functionality of the platform NoiPA or the institutional portal Inps.

Finally, an application interoperability service with the National platform-DGC. The verification activity must not involve the collection of data of the interested party in any form, with the exception of those strictly necessary, in the workplace, for the application of the measures deriving from the lack of certification. The system used to verify the green pass he will not have to keep the QR code of green certifications subject to verification, nor extract, consult, register or otherwise process the information collected for other purposes.

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holidays contributions penalized Libero Quotidiano

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