Goodbye to WhatsApp on these phones from November 1st

Goodbye to WhatsApp on these phones from November 1st
Goodbye to WhatsApp on these phones from November 1st

Starting November 1st, the most used messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, it will stop working on some phones if you don’t follow some steps to update your operating system.

What changes

As reported in the Faq area of ​​the same app, under Android-installation and “Information on supported Android devices”, at the bottom of the features there is a Note: “WhatsApp will no longer support devices Android with operating system 4.0.4 and earlier versions starting November 1, 2021. Please switch to a supported device or save your chat history by that date“In practice, on devices with this operating system that have not been updated for at least 10 years (or that do not support new updates because they are obsolete), the instant messaging app will stop working.

Similar situation also for the devices iOS: “WhatsApp for iPhone requires iOS 10 or later“. Here too the same rule applies: either you update your phone with the latest version, or you buy a new smartphone if it cannot be supported by older and obsolete devices.

Because it is a solvable problem

In practice, these are devices dating back to 2012 and the people who use them are no longer very many: despite the criticality, therefore, it will be a problem limited to a minority of users. There is only one way: if you can’t update, it’s better to change your smartphone. As reported by computermagazine, the company has decided to proceed in this way because old software on older generation phones costs money, investment and a lot of time. At this point, therefore, it is better to focus your energies on the most recent models.

How to save all chats

Who can not do without the app and buy a new smartphone, how will he save all the data (audio, video, etc.) contained in the app? Through backup which is used to save the chat history: in reality, the default system is set so that a backup is made automatically and saved in the phone memory. Depending on the settings, WhatsApp chats can also be backed up periodically to Google Drive. On the other hand, those who want to uninstall the app from their phone and do not want to lose messages, should make sure to perform a manual backup of the chats before uninstalling the application.

Users are warned: another couple of weeks and they will have to run for cover if they want to continue using the American app purchased by Facebook in 2014 for the “modest” sum of 19.3 billion dollars.


Goodbye WhatsApp phones November #1st

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