Covid, Aifa: 16 deaths related to vaccines, 0.2 cases per million doses

In the period considered by the AIFA they were received 101,110 reports out of a total of 84,010,605 doses administered (reporting rate of 120 per 100 thousand doses), of which 85.4% referred to non-serious events, such as pain at the injection site, fever, asthenia / fatigue, muscle aches .

Serious reports correspond to 14.4% of the total, with a rate of 17 serious events per 100 thousand doses administered. As reported in previous Reports, regardless of the vaccine, dose and type of event, the reaction occurred in most cases (about 76%) on the same day of vaccination or the next day and only more rarely beyond 48 hours. .

BioNTech-Pfizer is currently the most widely used vaccine in the Italian vaccination campaign (71.2%), followed by AstraZeneca (14.5%), Moderna (12.5%) and Johnson & Johnson (1.8%). In line with previous Reports, the distribution of reports by type of vaccine is similar to that of administrations (BioNTech-Pfizer 68%, AstraZeneca 22%, Moderna 9%, Johnson & Johnson 1%).

For all vaccines, the most reported adverse events are fever, fatigue, headache, muscle / joint pain, local reaction or pain at the injection site, chills and nausea.


Covid Aifa deaths related vaccines cases million doses

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