Seasonal flu, vaccinations in Piedmont from 14 October

Seasonal flu, vaccinations in Piedmont from 14 October
Seasonal flu, vaccinations in Piedmont from 14 October

The flu peeps out in Piedmont. And from Thursday 14 October the anti-flu campaign will start. Virtually disappeared in 2020 with the anti Covid restrictions, the flu virus was isolated for the first time from the laboratories of the Amedeo di Savoia in a child hospitalized at the Regina Margherita children’s hospital.

It is one of the usual strains circulating, but this winter the virus risks complicating the situation in the already understaffed emergency rooms. Not to mention that the symptoms are largely overlapping with those of Covid, so swabs will be needed to understand which virus it is.

In Piedmont, the flu vaccination campaign starts on 14 October with 1.1 million doses of the flu vaccine, purchased by the Region with an investment of 9 million euros. For the first time, the vaccine was also purchased for children between 6 months and 6 years, which is administered in the form of a spray. This was announced by the president of the Region, Alberto Cirio, today in a press conference with the councilor for health, Luigi Icardi. “In 2019, therefore in the pre-Covid era – underlined Cirio – about 713 thousand administrations of the flu vaccine were made in Piedmont. Last year the doses increased to 935 thousand, and this year we decided to buy 1 million and 100 thousand, so much more, just to find ourselves in the best situation ».

Two vaccines

The vaccine against the flu, Cirio clarified, can be done at the same time as that against Covid: one does not exclude the other, and indeed in the doctors’ offices that have joined the vaccination campaign against Covid it will be possible to co-vaccinate . In fact, the anti-flu is already usually administered in the offices of family doctors. About 150,000 doses of the flu vaccine have already been distributed to doctors in the area. The subjects for which it is indicated are frail people, RSA guests, over 60, children from 6 months to 6 years, health personnel, pregnant women, relatives of high-risk subjects, subjects active in public services of collective interest, donors of blood, people who work in contact with animals.

The virus is returning

The case of flu reported in a child in Turin shows «that the flu virus is about to raise its crest. For now, these are the first sporadic cases, as always happened in the past years before the pandemic in this period, because then the flu wave should start between the end of November and the beginning of December ». This was stated by the virologist of the State University of Milan and medical director of the Irccs Galeazzi of Milan, Fabrizio Pregliasco. «As every year it begins. The Influnet surveillance is now well-established and sees the sending of the first sporadic isolated samples », he continues. «Last year there was no isolation in this period – continues Pregliasco – and these first cases confirm our fears, that is, that the flu virus is about to raise its crest. It is in the right timing with respect to its development. This winter will be our last battle with the pandemic because we are in a phase of reducing the epidemic ». But in the coming weeks and months, concludes Pregliasco, «the temperature changes, the greater amount of time spent indoors, the reopening of work and schools are all elements of risk for flu infections. We will have to see how the use of masks and hand hygiene will affect ”.

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