Buccinasco, the criminal baptism of “Dum Dum” Salvaggio, the baby killer who slept with a gun- Corriere.it

Buccinasco, the criminal baptism of “Dum Dum” Salvaggio, the baby killer who slept with a gun- Corriere.it
Buccinasco, the criminal baptism of “Dum Dum” Salvaggio, the baby killer who slept with a gun- Corriere.it

Dum Dum was going fast. The seventeen-year-old already known in the underworld at the end of the Seventies, writes the Courier service of the time. These are black years. Lead. Of parties and blood. New Year’s Eve ’77, New Year’s Eve ’78. Paolo Salvaggio (the drug trafficker killed on Monday 11 October 2021 with three gunshots in Buccinasco, ed) kills the bouncer of a night club in Bereguardo, in the Pavia area. Victim Nereo De Pol, 47, former professional boxer. Salvaggio has been drinking, he doesn’t want to pay the bill. A quarrel begins, the guns come out, the shooting starts soon. On the scene of the crime there is also the pap of the Vallanzasca gang, on premium leave from the criminal asylum of Aversa. The chronicles of the time define Salvaggio the mini-killer. Young, ruthless. This was Milan.

On January 15, 1978 Dum Dum is caught in his lair by the carabinieri: he is sleeping with one 45 caliber drum revolver under the pillow. On February 13, a month later, he was already on the run from the Beccaria juvenile prison along with two other boys accused of robbery. Then the big drug investigations will come, criminal association, relations with the Calabrian and Apulian mafia gangs, convictions and acquittals, prison, house arrest and finally the three fatal bullets on the asphalt of via della Costituzione. But Dum Dum’s criminal career starts here. None of the probation officers noticed the escape, writes the Courier service in February 1978. Disappeared.

Three months pass. Dum Dum dyed his hair red so as not to be recognized. In viale Fulvio Testi, at eight in the morning, a patrol of the Police Flying Squad intercepts a yellow taxi. In the back seat, a familiar face: Salvaggio. In the sign photos he has very dark black hair. Now, in that car, there’s a ruby-haired bandit. Writes the Courier service: the very young man wanted for theft, murder, robbery. Effective synthesis: The killer of the new generation. Salvaggio does not react: It’s me.

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Buccinasco, the investigations by the carabinieri after the execution

Dum Dum’s crime novel actually begins a couple of years earlier, when he is only 15 and still has to earn the nickname of a bandit. February 8, 1976: arrest for car theft. Early 1977: stopped in a stolen car. July 1977: home burglary. November 1977: brawl. On January 1978, at the time of his arrest for the murder of the bouncer boxer, Dum Dum said a few words to the carabinieri: I don’t remember anything that happened that night. I was drunk.

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Buccinasco criminal baptism Dum Dum Salvaggio baby killer slept gun Corriereit

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