The new migration of the Chinese to Prato: the phenomenon of “emerged”. 67% are black

The new migration of the Chinese to Prato: the phenomenon of “emerged”. 67% are black
The new migration of the Chinese to Prato: the phenomenon of “emerged”. 67% are black

Prato, 11 October 2021 – Exploitation and safety in the workplace are very hot topics, let alone in an industrial city like Prato which has also recently experienced very serious deaths. And on the workplace safety front, the carabinieri of the carabinieri of Prato and of the labor inspectorate nucleus, with the support of the operational nucleus of the carabinieri group for the protection of work in Rome, inspected a dozen companies in the first week of October: the budget is an arrest and 9 companies suspended, with fines of 165 thousand euros.

The arrested is a 53-year-old Chinese owner of a company that employed numerous Orientals in the company he managed. Nine other Chinese entrepreneurs were reported on the loose. The alleged offenses range from the exploitation of clandestine labor to non-compliance with the regulations on safety in the workplace, to the installation of unauthorized video surveillance systems.

Nine were the suspension of activities adopted towards as many companies. The disputed fines amount to approximately 165 thousand euros.

Thirty-five – out of a total of fifty-two irregular workers – were workers without a residence permit, therefore clandestine or recipients of an application for emersion for foreign workers for domestic or agricultural work, found working in controlled companies. This is a chilling percentage: 67%.

The new migration

They are the “emerged”The new phenomenon of the exploitation of irregular labor in the Sino-Prato manufacturing sector, an enormous one low manpower tank cost for entrepreneurs who base their business on the irregularity of the workforce. The ones that have emerged for about a year come from all over Italy; these are subjects who, pending the definition of their practice of emergence, are authorized to reside in Italy. For them Prato represents one promise land where to easily find employment and accommodation to support oneself, while waiting to receive – eventually – the residence permit.

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