Cinisi, quarrel between two women and gunshots: an evening in the blood VIDEO

Cinisi, quarrel between two women and gunshots: an evening in the blood VIDEO
Cinisi, quarrel between two women and gunshots: an evening in the blood VIDEO

CINISI (PALERMO) – A nineteen year old accused of attempted murder and a peer hospitalized in very serious conditions in Partinico. It is the epilogue of what should have been a carefree evening, which instead resulted in blood on the night between Saturday and Sunday in Cinisi, in the Palermo area. A quarrel turned into a shootout, two young brothers, Manuel and Roberto Bozzo, aged 21 and 23, were injured after being shot at the Q8 petrol station which is located on the course of the town.

The turning point in the investigation

But the turning point in the investigations conducted by the carabinieri came soon: DVC, a young man of 20, from Palermo, but resident in Carini in fact, shortly afterwards, he spontaneously presented himself to the mobile team of the Palermo Police Headquarters together with his trusted lawyer. The arrest was decided after the interrogation, but the investigating judge will now pronounce on the measure. The boy, on whom the investigations had already revealed serious responsibilities, is also accused of illegal possession of a firearm and receiving stolen goods and was transferred to the Pagliarelli. Based on what has been reconstructed, also thanks to the story of the people who were together with the two brothers, the victims had just before been involved in a fight that broke out in Terrasini, a town which is a few kilometers away from the scene of the shooting.

The alarm

The alarm to the carabinieri arrived around 2 am: in Piazza Duomo a heated quarrel was reported between two women, apparently born after a series of insults. A chaos that would have involved a cousin of the two brothers and the sister of the suspect’s girlfriend, who would have participated in the fight then appeased by the intervention of friends. In reality, the violence would not have ended there. About an hour later, in fact, the Bozzo brothers were joined by a Fiat Seicento at the Cinisi petrol station. From the vehicle, as reconstructed by the carabinieri, a young man got out and exploded, injuring Roberto and Manuel Bozzo.

The rush to the hospital

The boys tried to save themselves, but the 23-year-old suffered serious injuries: he was transported to the hospital in Partinico with internal bleeding, injury to the spleen and stomach and a fractured rib. Subjected to a delicate surgery, he is now in a reserved prognosis, while his brother has sustained more minor injuries.

You shoot him at the house

But the gunshots weren’t just going to be fired at the distributor. A first “stage” of those who took up the weapon was that of the victims’ home: the sister reported to the soldiers of the Arma, after returning home, the clear signals of the shots against their home in Cinisi and the shattered glass of the veranda. In short, the suspect would have tried immediately to implement what the investigators consider a ‘revenge’ against the two brothers, but probably feeling with his back to the wall, he would have subsequently decided to turn himself in. The investigations, however, do not stop: the carabinieri are still trying to reconstruct the dynamics in detail to identify any accomplices.

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