“I’m on the desk with a mouse” Video- Corriere.it

“I’m on the desk with a mouse” Video- Corriere.it
“I’m on the desk with a mouse” Video- Corriere.it

And the mouse right up to the chair: the capital’s zoo tries to climb to university. The faculty chosen by an unidentified rat, for a very rapid appearance, which was followed by a hunt without results, that of Economics and Commerce of Sapienza, classroom number 7, in the headquarters in via del Castro Laurenziano. was a short video posted by the website The Roman Post to immortalize the scene: we see a professor of Economics who on her cell phone, with the PC open for the lesson, in front of a group of students. Room 7, I’m on the desk with a mouse … the concise communication, with implicit request for help. Not even a cry, enormous bewilderment.

The mouse is not seen, probably escaped in the hustle and bustle, perhaps through the same hole he had passed through, or directly through the door of the classroom. It is seen for the teacher to extend the free arm from the telephone, in a dejected gesture. Out of scope one roar of laughter, not even a sitcom. There are those who laugh at home too, from where the curtain was recorded. In fact, what happened cross the university walls thanks to distance learning and lands on Facebook. The Romans are now fond of the large fauna of the city and joke about it. What a beautiful Rome of mine, we read in the comments on the net. But there are those who worry about any new freshmen: it also went well that it was not a wild boar! Dalla Sapienza let it be known that the classroom is on the ground floor and adjacent to a green space not within the competence of the faculty. The room was therefore closed pending rodent control, an urgent request. And now that I’m on the desk with a mouse risks becoming a catchphrase …

11 October 2021 | 20:12



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