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No vax and no green pass in procession, semi-paralyzed city – Politics & Institutions

No vax and no green pass in procession, semi-paralyzed city – Politics & Institutions
No vax and no green pass in procession, semi-paralyzed city – Politics & Institutions
Fifteen thousand according to the police, at least thirty thousand according to the organizers. Certainly more numerous than the previous parades. They started from the square in front of the Ausonia. Many yellow vests that this time are not just dockers, who have taken on an important role in the protest against the green pass. Even if the antagonists on the left remained leading the procession, the Alister association and the Movimento 3 vi portuali also showed up in large numbers from the port of Monfalcone.

The slogans of the march are always the same against the green pass, against the obligation to vaccinate, against the Draghi government, against Commissioner Figliuolo, against the Minister of Health Speranza and this time also against the confederal unions accused of having sold themselves and in particular against Landini.

The animators of the march underlined: we are not fascists we are not from Forza Nuova. The procession went very slowly with the declared aim of blocking the city for as long as possible and it was thus seen that the banks from 2 pm remained forbidden for a long time. When the march arrived in front of the Prefecture, the organizers asked for a minute of silence against the victims of the covid, those that Minister Speranza allegedly caused by imposing – these are always the words of the demonstrators – doctors to treat the sick only with tachipirine.

the procession had to go straight to Ponterosso and from there a delegation had to leave for the prefecture. It did not go like this, the delegation went up from Piazza Unità overcoming a lineup of police in riot gear. The final declarations of the Coordination of port workers regarding the interlocutions with the prefect, who undertook to report to the government, were positive.

There were moments of tension in front of the police. In the end there was a negotiation: the carabinieri took off their helmets and the most agitated, with a little effort, left.

Stefano Puzzer, spokesman for the Coordination of port workers, reiterates that on the 15th if there is no news, the port will be blocked.


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