Bodo-Roma, tickets on sale from Wednesday. Where is the city?

Bodo-Roma, tickets on sale from Wednesday. Where is the city?
Bodo-Roma, tickets on sale from Wednesday. Where is the city?

From Wednesday the 200 tickets reserved for visiting fans will be on sale, who in the meantime storm the local embassy with phone calls and make the city’s searches on the web skyrocket

Not only the long queues and the desire to subscribe stronger than ever, but also the desire to understand if, in ten days, it will be possible or not to go and see Roma in Bodo, Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle. In the last 24 hours, searches on the web, in this sense, have skyrocketed, also because ten days after the game there is still no information on the tickets. But they will arrive in the next few hours. Specifically, Bodo has put up its tickets (just over 2 thousand) and has made it known that the others (about 200) are destined for UEFA and the guest sector. If the latter are not sold, they will be available to local supporters. Tickets, on the Roma side, will be on sale from Wednesday: tomorrow the official press release will explain the somewhat complex system according to which they will be booked through the Giallorossi club and then purchased on the Bodo website. In any case, to understand once again how enthusiastic there is towards Mourinho and the team, this data is enough: searches on Bodo have increased by 300% and the Norwegian embassy, ​​in the last few days, have received several phone calls with requests travel information.

Fire and frost

A journey that is not easy: if on the one hand the fire of the passion of cheering flares up (and what happened today with the season tickets is the main proof), on the other hand there is the cold of the Arctic circle to face. For a Conference League match on Thursday at 6.45 pm (not exactly a showcase of Champions), perhaps with many alternatives on the pitch as Roma will play in a week with Juventus and Napoli in the league, the fans should challenge temperatures close to freezing, freezing , should take at least three days off (from Wednesday to Friday) and spend, to date, no less than 500 euros between flights (stopovers around Europe before arriving in Oslo, then direct to Bodo) and hotels. But, for those who can, the chance to see Rome on the borders of Europe can be an opportunity not to be missed. Even at the cost of covering up a little more.

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