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“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”

“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”
“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”

Alessandra Schilirò, the deputy chief no Green Pass, suspended from service: iThe precautionary measure, notified today, was issued by the Department of Public Security – Schillirò is an official on duty at Criminalpol – since the deputy commissioner, after participating in the San Giovanni demonstration, continued to publicly criticize the choice of government on the Green pass. The measure applied to the assistant superintendent also provides for the suspension of the salary while she will continue to receive the maintenance allowance.

Meanwhile the policewoman on social media he asked to punish the policemen who beat the demonstrators in Rome: “Punish the agents who beat the demonstrators”. “As a citizen and as a trade unionist, I ask for the immediate punishment of the policemen who beat the demonstrators without any provocation!”, Alessandra Schilirò writes on her social channels, the anti-Green pass deputy superintendent who last month attended one of the demonstrations from the stage against the green certification of no green passes in San Giovanni in Rome.

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“Reprehensible behavior of some policemen”

“I’ve written it many times. Violence is inadmissible from wherever it comes – Schilirò underlines -. At first, out of good faith, I was deceived, but then I saw some videos showing a reprehensible behavior of some policemen! It is funny how I am persecuted and almost burned at the stake for having publicly manifested and free from service my thoughts, however, those who beat a citizen pass in silence. Why did no mainstream newspaper or television broadcast those scenes? Long live freedom! ».


The protest of the no-Green pass does not stop, at least on social networks

There are those who praise the “revolutionaries” of Forza Nuova, who instead rail against the “fascists infiltrated in the demonstration” and who, on the other hand, continue to spread messages, photos and videos of the clashes last Saturday. The protest of the no-Green pass world, therefore, does not stop, at least on social networks. From Telegram to Facebook, activists flood the chats trying to organize upcoming events against what they themselves call the “health dictatorship”.

Particularly active in recent days are the no-Green pass chats, where fake news, alleged scientific studies but above all videos and photos that refer to the demonstration last Saturday but which, in reality, come from demonstrations of the past years, even in other cities in Italy and not in Rome.

Activists try to call for new demonstrations, even if – as often happens – it is disorganization that dominates. And so IoApro, the movement born under the lockdown for the reopening of bars and restaurants, first launches the initiative of snail trucks on the Italian roads, only to back off and postpone the protest until a later date.

What is certain is that, with the approach of 15 October – the date from which the extension of the Green pass for public and private will be official -, the spirits of those who would like to abolish the green certificate continue to boil. With the 13 arrests and street clashes, however, many are professing calm and stemming criminal infiltration in the marches.

«blackout globale»

Tomorrow, meanwhile, someone will try to give life to the 21-minute “global blackout” “to demonstrate our strength”. An initiative of presumed international scope that, in Italy, should take place from 16 to 16.21 with the shutdown of telephones, mobile phones and social networks.

On October 15, however, an appointment again in Rome, in Piazza SS Apostoli, a stone’s throw from Piazza Venezia, for the “general strike of work and consumption” to which the participation of the former parliamentarian of the 5 Star Movement is also announced. , Sara Cunial, already under investigation for a no-Vax demonstration in Aosta.

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