Investigations into the death of a woman in Potenza: Dora Lagreca, 29 years old

Investigations into the death of a woman in Potenza: Dora Lagreca, 29 years old
Investigations into the death of a woman in Potenza: Dora Lagreca, 29 years old

The 29-year-old school assistant, on the night of Saturday 9 October fell from the fourth floor of the apartment where she lived with her partner, after having had a fight with him. The man told the carabinieri that he was unable to stop his girlfriend who had climbed over a railing. The causes and dynamics of the death will be established by the autopsy, which has already been ordered by the investigators. The family: “There were no symptoms that could suggest suicide”

Antonio Capasso, the boyfriend of Dora Lagreca, the school assistant who died at 29 when he fell from the balcony on the fourth floor of the apartment where he lived with his partner in Potenza, is under investigation for instigation to commit suicide. It happened around 2.30 on Saturday 9 October in via Di Giura, in front of the Parco dei Comuni, in a residential area of ​​the city. Transported in red code to the San Carlo hospital, the girl died after two hours. The young woman’s family “excludes suicide”, asks for “the truth” and through the lawyer points out that “there was no symptomatology that could suggest a suicide”.

The alarm given by the boyfriend


In Potenza, a woman dies falling from the balcony: suicide hypothesis

The alarm was raised by her boyfriend who was with her in the apartment. Questioned by the carabinieri, he said he spent the evening in the company of the girl and friends. Once back home, however, the quarrel that had already broken out in the car would have become more heated. During the interrogation the man explained that at a certain point Dora would have opened one of the two windows of the attic and threatened to end it by throwing herself from the terrace. A threat that he would have initially underestimated. When the 29-year-old climbed over the not very high railing and tried to stop her. “I didn’t manage to grab it,” he later added. The man after seeing his girlfriend fall from the balcony ran into the garden barefoot to try to rescue her.

The causes of death to be ascertained

The causes of the tragedy are still being investigated and the investigators have not ruled out any hypothesis. It will be the autopsy arranged on the woman’s body to establish the causes of death and above all the dynamics of what happened. The examination by the coroner, reports the Corriere della Sera, was set for Tuesday 12 October.

All the hypotheses are open

Prosecutor Francesco Curcio is not unbalanced: “We are still investigating and there is no need to make any hypotheses. We work trying to understand what really happened in those hours “. In Montesano sulla Maripendenza, the hometown of Dora Lagreca, city mourning will be announced on the day of the school assistant’s funeral.

Dora Lagreca – Facebook

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