That Lancia Fulvia parked in Conegliano Veneto for 50 years

First a local phenomenon, now a national “case”. And the Lancia Fulvia parked in via Zamboni, in Conegliano Veneto, since 1974 and never moved from there. In the Treviso municipality, everyone loves that Fulvia, which has now become a monument of the town or at least a symbol. Before, only the citizens of Conegliano knew it, now it is a national “good”. About the posts shared on the group Facebook called Conegliano Forever, which made the car notorious.

Whose is the Lancia Fulvia?

But whose is that Fulvia, and why has it been in via Zamboni for almost fifty years? The owner is Angelo Fregolent, 94 and former newsagent, who parked it right in front of his newsstand so that they could load up the newspapers and magazines that Angelo would then comfortably transport to the newsstand. A tradition that lasted years and years, until Angelo retired, and his Fulvia remained where she always was.

Lancia Fulvia Coupé: its history

The signs of time

Just a quick glance to understand how the car has really been there for fifty years. La rust is now present throughout the bodywork, climatic temperatures have now deteriorated the bodywork, yet that is precisely the charm of the car: it shows itself old and tired, but always standing, motionless, eternal, and for this reason respected and, in some ways, “venerated”. After becoming famous, all the Italian newspapers have landed in Conegliano to meet her, and there are not a few people who go to via Zamboni exclusively to take a selfie with her. Even the governor of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, remembered it, stating that she was already there, standing in via Zamboni, when he was going to school.

Kept and admired inside a school

And Mr. Angelo, it should be emphasized, has been paying stamp duty and insurance for fifty years although you don’t use it anymore. But the magic will soon have to end. The local police have already informed that the sidewalk of via Zamboni is often used by pedestrians and especially by the very young who go to school. It was proposed to move it to the courtyard of the Conegliano wine school, in place of an old poplar that has now disappeared. In this way, Mr. Fregolent could continue to see it from his home, and the car would be kept in a safer place, where it will continue to be admired as it has been done since 1974.

Lancia Fulvia HF Competizione, the yellow one from ’69 costs 120,000 euros

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