Milan, illegal waste resold as building material used for public works, 4 arrests

Milan, illegal waste resold as building material used for public works, 4 arrests
Milan, illegal waste resold as building material used for public works, 4 arrests

Two measures under house arrest, an obligation to stay and an obligation to report to the judicial police are being carried out this morning by the Carabinieri and Gdf of Como against 4 people involved in an investigation of illegal waste disposal that they would also have been used for public works in Lombardy.


The investigation, coordinated by the local DDA, uncovered a tour “aimed at issuing and using invoices for non-existent operations, capable of concealing the carrying out of an illegal waste disposal and reuse activity”, on which they investigated or Carabinieri of Turate (Como), the Forestry Group of Como and the soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza of Olgiate Comasco (Como).

Mortara, set fire to the waste disposal company: three arrests, 2 million seized. And the shadow of the ‘Ndrangheta appears

by Ilaria Carra

07 October 2021

The activities, from the earliest investigative stages, which began in November 2018, concerned a construction waste crushing site, operating in the Municipality of Rovellasca (Como), where approximately 16,500 cubic meters of non-hazardous special waste had been illegally spilled. dangerous products at construction sites in various Lombard provinces, which were shredded in a plant without authorization and resold as building material without the required certifications.

In the Milanese

Illicit disposal of eight hundred thousand tons of waste in four years. The 5 arrested on the phone: “There is a sea of ​​sewers underneath”

by Luca De Vito

07 July 2021

“It turned out that the material thus regenerated was also used for the construction of public works such as the sports center of Cislago (Varese), which works on the Pedemontana Lombardia SpA motorway and the” south park adaptation and line s13 abutment of the k11 – Milan Saronno line of the Garbagnate Milanese railway station “, commissioned by Ferrovie Nord SpA, as well as for private works in Ceriano Laghetto (Milan)”.

The investigations, carried out through numerous stalking and stalking services, documented with films, witness examinations, documentary and confirmation checks, documented 3,468 episodes of waste dumping, thus bringing out an absolutely impressive volume of business.

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