the brother involved in a bizarre accident

October 11, 2021 11:12 am

The champion finds herself having to face a scammer: then she bursts into tears

An absurd accident made a bad quarter of an hour go by Federica Pellegrini. The Italian swimming champion was the protagonist in the episode of “Jokes aside” of 10 October, for having been the victim of an alleged scammer.

It all started from the fake flirtation between the brother of the Divina, Alessandro, and Zoe Cristofoli, influencer and companion of the Milan footballer, Theo Hernandez. Under the guidance of the troupe of the program conducted by Enrico Papi, the couple staged a fake accident in Verona with Federica’s car which is on loan for use. A hard test for the national Federica who, once the joke was revealed, failed to maintain the same self control she had during the joke, letting herself go to a liberating cry.


brother involved bizarre accident

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