“Do you want to dissolve FdI by law? Here’s what the left is” – Libero Quotidiano

“Do you want to dissolve FdI by law? Here’s what the left is” – Libero Quotidiano
“Do you want to dissolve FdI by law? Here’s what the left is” – Libero Quotidiano

The assault on the CGIL and the extremist demonstrations in Rome on Saturday? All the fault of Giorgia Meloni. This is the thought of Beppe Provenzano. The former minister of the Democratic Party lashes out against the Brothers of Italy in a Twitter post full of hatred: “Yesterday Meloni had an opportunity: to cut ties with the world close to neo-fascism, even in Fdi. But he didn’t. The place chosen (the neo-Franchist stage of Vox) and the words used on the matrix perpetuate the ambiguity that poses it outside the democratic arc and Republican “.

It is a pity, however, that Meloni denounced the “violence and squadism” that went on stage, recalling that “this stuff it must always be fought“to then specify that he does not know the matrix. And in fact it is not the only one. More than ten thousand people participated in the protest, many even escaped the controls. Harsh condemnation also by the group leader in the Chamber of FdI, Francesco Lollobrigida: “The government can dissolve subversive organizations. Draghi take action.”

Hence Meloni’s reply to the provocation of the dem: “The deputy secretary of the ‘democratic’ party would like dissolve the first Italian party (as well as the only opposition to the government). A party to which millions of Italian citizens refer who trust and believe in our ideas and proposals “. Message addressed to Enrico Letta: “Immediately distance yourself from these very serious statements that they reveal the true intention of the left: take out the Brothers of Italy. Or maybe the tone of a totalitarian regime used by his deputy represent the line of the Democratic Party? We are waiting for answers. “Provenzano only partially straightened the game by clarifying what was written:” It simply means that in this way FDI is evading the unity of the democratic and republican forces against the neo-fascists who are attacking the state. A clear step back from Fiuggi. That’s all “. But the proposal remains equally serious”.

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