in Naples the motorway was blocked for a few hours, in Rome the subway and armored center

in Naples the motorway was blocked for a few hours, in Rome the subway and armored center
in Naples the motorway was blocked for a few hours, in Rome the subway and armored center

Gives Milano a Naples, in Italy entire cities are haywire for it national strike public transport organized by the trade unions CUB Trasporti, USB Lavoro Privato Lombardia, SGB, Al Cobas and Sol Cobas, which have proclaimed a national 24-hour general strike of all public and private sectors.

A Naples Cobas and Usb protest: an access ramp to the motorway in the Port area of ​​the city blocked for a few hours. The activists started their protest with a march that started from Piazza Mancini. Among other things, they are asking for a reduction in working time with the same salary, a universal income, the revaluation of pensions, the revival of the welfare state, investments in schools and transport. The central and Chiaia funiculars are closed in the city, regular that of Montesanto, as well as line 1 of the metro, with the exception of the IV Giornate station which is closed to the public. Metro line 1 is also closed. The service will resume only after 5pm.

Strike on Monday 11 October, bus and metro chaos: warranty bands in Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Genoa, Turin and Bari

Rome: intermittent metro and armored center

Metro C closed and lines A and B with reduced service in Rome due to the national transport strike. In the city, the mobilization of grassroots unions, combined with the rain and some ongoing demonstrations, is creating disruption to traffic, with sustained traffic in various areas of the capital. The Termini-Centocelle railway is also closed. The procession starts in the late morning from Piazza della Repubblica and will parade up to Piazza Madonna di Loreto. About two thousand people expected. The historic center, the scene of clashes and unrest that lasted hours on Saturday, is this morning super-manned by the police. Traffic inconveniences in that quadrant of the city, also thanks to the rain.

Milan: the inconveniences

According to reports from the Local Police a Milano the subways operate regularly and at the moment there are no particular criticalities on platforms and stops. Atm, the city transport company, confirmed that «a Milan the service is continuing on all underground lines. Traffic could slow down the movement of surface lines» is that «agitation of surface line personnel e subways it is allowed from 8:45 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm at the end of the service». Today’s strike was mainly called «against the policies of the Draghi Government and the European Union as they are aimed at unloading the crisis on the shoulders of male and female workers for the exclusive benefit of the bosses and financial power».

Genoa: procession of 2,500 people

The march, over 2,500 people, organized by the grassroots unions as part of the general strike to protest against the policies of the Draghi government in terms of safety and health at work, wages, insecurity and dismissals, also started in Genoa. In Genoa, the protest are organized by Usb, Cobas, Sicobas, Cub and Orsa who have made it clear in recent days that this is not a demonstration against the green pass, an instrument however widely criticized by all the grassroots unions judged useless from the point of view sanitary and discriminatory. A section of the social centers paraded in the procession led by the militants of the recently evacuated no-man’s land social center A part of the demonstrators, more closely linked to the issues of no green pass and led by the Cubs, chose to divide from the main procession and are parading under the main Genoese artery, the Sopraelevata, where the other demonstrators are located. The Genoese no green pass yesterday in a statement distanced themselves from the violence in Rome, specifying that it was “a small organized group that managed to exploit the strength of the mass of tens of thousands of democratic citizens to carry out its own agenda And clarifying that “the movement against the Green Pass in Genoa is impervious to these infiltrations”. Representatives of Italexit di Paragone also joined this part of the procession. The procession, which started from the Ferry Terminal with the port workers in the lead, will walk along the Overpass and will arrive under the Confindustria headquarters.

Alitalia, flights blocked

There are 127 flights on the entire network, between national and international Alitalia she was forced to cancel today due to the 24-hour air transport strike organized by some unions. As a result of today’s flight cancellations, the company, in a press release, has also canceled 10 connections yesterday and another 11 tomorrow. Alitalia has activated an extraordinary plan that provides for the use of larger aircraft to rebook travelers involved in cancellations on the first flights available on the day. Alitalia therefore informs that «i passengers involved in cancellations can check on which flight they have been rebooked by connecting to the website and entering their name, surname and booking code in the ‘my flights’ section on the home page.

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