Covid, Manageritalia: “Full recovery for the service sector only in 2024”

Rome, 11 Oct (Adnkronos / Labitalia) – For the most troubled sectors of the tertiary sector, the complete recovery will arrive only in 2024. But the resources of the NRP allocated, directly and indirectly, for the sector do not reach 50% of the total, despite representing 75% of the total. GDP These are some of the elements that stand out in the quarterly report of the Manageritalia service sector observatory produced by Oxford Economics. The report confirms that the Italian economy is growing dramatically thanks mainly to the success of the vaccination campaign underway. In the second quarter of 2021, growth concerned all three main macro-sectors (manufacturing, construction, services) which are in largely positive territory on the previous quarter. According to the most recent forecasts by Oxford Economics, the Italian economy as a whole will be able to recover pre-pandemic values ​​in the first quarter of 2022. For the sectors most in difficulty, it will be necessary to wait until the second quarter of 2022 (trade and transport) , the fourth quarter of 2022 (artistic activities) and even 2024 for accommodation and catering. It is therefore essential, Manageritalia underlines, “to understand what potential the NRR has for the relaunch of our country and the various production sectors. The Report presents an unprecedented analysis of the allocation by sector of the 191.5 billion of the resources of the recovery and resilience facility, aimed at identifying the sectors to which these resources are initially intended “. In the general framework of direct allocation, the share allocated to the construction sector stands out: 42.5% of the total funds made available by the Plan (81.2 billion euros) first pass through this sector. The second recipient of the investments is the Manufacture, to which more than 16% of the resources (30.9 billion) are allocated and which, together with construction, collects almost 60% of the funds of the Plan. The remaining resources are mostly distributed in the various service sectors, to which approximately 36% of the investments are assigned. The sectors that contribute most to the tertiary share are those of professional activities and education. The allocation of investments to the public sector is also significant. The sum of the resources allocated to ‘public administration and defense’, ‘compulsory social insurance’, ‘health and social assistance’, ‘administrative activities’, is in fact about 26 billion. In view of the presentation and discussion of the broad and in-depth results that emerged from the quarterly report of the Manageritalia service sector observatory, Mario Mantovani, president of Manageritalia, observes: “Next Generation Eu reflects an industrialist perspective by introducing resources into traditional sectors. Therefore, the change towards a digital, professional society, made efficient by ICT and the use of innovative software (apps, etc.) receives little push from Ngeu and consequently from the PNRR which is bound by Ngeu ”. Emilio Rossi, director of the Manageritalia tertiary observatory and senior advisor Oxford Economics, underlines that “it becomes crucial to reform the authorization and bureaucratic process, in light of the overflow of projects (81 billion) in the construction sector. Pnrr investments, maximum effectiveness and maximum contribution to the structural growth of the Italian economy. “At the presentation of the quarterly report (broadcast live on Linkedin, Youtube and Facebook Manageritalia), Mario Mantovani and Emilio Rossi will speak on Pnrr and role of the tertiary sector, Marco Palladino economist, on trends and opportunities for the Italian export of services, Alessandro Terzulli, chief economist of Sace.


Covid Manageritalia Full recovery service sector

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