defeated by cancer Granville Adams, was 58 years old

Another mourning shakes the world of cinema and audiovisual production in general.

The star of the TV series ‘Oz’ Granville Adams has died at the age of 58 after fighting a long battle with cancer. To Kirk Acevedo announced his death, colleague in the TV series of the late 90s, who yesterday wrote on social media: “I lost my brother after a long battle with cancer. I’m not doing well with the loss, I don’t know it ”.

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Granville Adams – as already mentioned – was known for having took part in 48 episodes of the HBO TV series ‘Oz’, where he had interpreted the role of Muslim prisoner Zahir Arif.

Adams had landed a part as an extra before landing a supporting role until the series ended in 2003.

In his career Adams he did not only act in this television series, HBO’s first to have episodes nearly 60 minutes long, but he had also taken part in another series (‘Homicide’) and in the 2002 film ‘Empire – Two worlds in comparison’.

In December Granville Adams had informed his fans about the ominous cancer diagnosis. And he did so by posting a photo of him in the hospital on Instagram accompanied by the title: “F ** u cancer“.

Shortly after the diagnosis the family had opened a fundraiser on GoFundMe, explaining that the bills were rising for his family.

On the fundraising page, the family wrote: “In this quarter alone, unpaid bills piled up to $ 69,550“(Almost 61 thousand euros). The goal was to show their love for Granville by paying these bills and “giving concrete support to the fight against this infamous disease“.

In December, a fundraiser to help Granville’s family

In December last year, the producer of the TV series ‘Oz’, Tom Fontana, assieme a Dean Winters, co-star of the series, he had urged fans to donate any funds they could save to alleviate the financial problems of the Granville family.

Many personalities have used social media to express their condolences for the disappearance of Granville. The American politician Christopher Suprun wrote: “I just learned that Granville Adams is dead. Great actor in Oz and throughout New York. Rest in peace“.

The wife of Kirk Acevedo published a post writing: “RIP Granville Adams. We are all close to his Christina (the wife, ed) Right now“.

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