Covid today: the bulletin in Italy of 11 October. Region-by-region data

Covid today: the bulletin in Italy of 11 October. Region-by-region data
Covid today: the bulletin in Italy of 11 October. Region-by-region data

Rome, 11 October 2021 – Waiting for Covid bulletin from today of the Ministry of Health and of Civil protection on contagion, deaths, hospitalizations and entrances in intensive care in Italy, arriving in the late afternoon. Come on data communicated yesterday (here the bulletin of 10 October), the epidemic trend is confirmed in decline, the number of new cases remains stable and stands at less than 3,000 units.

But second Andrea Crisanti, director of the Department of Molecular Microbiology dell’University of Padua, i conti on the relationship between new positives and deaths do not add up. “Today in Italy – explains the microbiologist – we have 30-40 deaths a day and a ridiculous number of infections: evidently there is a unjustifiable discrepancy because in all the other countries of Europe and the world there is a ratio of one to 1,000 with respect to the numbers of cases and deaths, so we too should have a much higher number of infections ”. This means that, continues Crisanti, “We may have the tendency to think that with a low number of cases it is all over but it is not”. “In general – he concludes – you have to take the number of deaths, divide it by two and multiply it by 1,000, thus having between 30 and 40 deaths we would have between 15 thousand and 20 thousand infected in Italy”.

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Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign. To date, the number of over 12s who have received both doses is 43,275,562, 80.13% of the population. “Today we have reached an important percentage of vaccinated people, perhaps even unimaginable until a few months ago. However, we must also take into account that today we have 8.4 million Italians over 12 who have not even taken a dose, among these there are 4-5 million of working age“, points out Nino Cartabellotta, President of the Gimbe Foundation. “The obligation to Green pass for all workers so far has produced a modest effect on vaccinations. I expected more in this sense “, he comments.” If these 4-5 million workers do not get vaccinated this week, 12-15 million tampons a week would have to be done and this would not be feasible because we do not have this production capacity – he adds. – the solution is that these 4-5 million workers get vaccinated or else it will be necessary to go towards a vaccination obligation “.

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We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updated data from the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table.

In Emilia Romagna have been encountered in the past 24 hours 191 new positives at Covid-19 e 6 new deaths. The total number of swabs performed since yesterday is 4,736 molecular swabs and 4,974 rapid swabs. As for the total number of people healed, they are 134 more than yesterday and reach 398,063. Today the actual patients are 15,043 (+51). Of these, people in isolation at home, or with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are a total of 14,675 (+42), 97.5% of the total number of active cases. The six deaths are: two in the province of Parma (an 80-year-old woman and a 95-year-old man); one in the province of Ferrara (a 44-year-old man); two in the province of Ravenna (both men, respectively 81 and 83 years old), and one in Forlì (a man of 84 years old). In total, there have been 13,514 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic.

“I new Covid cases register in Tuscany I’m 162 on 7,745 swabs carried out. The rate of new positives has risen to 2.09% (4.5% on the first diagnoses) “. This was reported by the president of the Region Eugenio Giani. 6 new deaths: 5 men and a woman with an average age of 81.3 years (2 in Florence, 1 in Lucca, 1 in Pisa, 1 in Livorno, 1 in Arezzo).

Veneto records 156 new positives in the last 24 hours, with a total of total infections rising to 472,672. The regional bulletin also reports 2 new deaths, which bring to 11,794 victims for Covid in the Region. In hospitals there are currently 198 hospitalized in non-critical area (-3 compared to yesterday) and 37 (unchanged figure) in intensive care.

I am 129 i almost positive al Covid in Campania in the last 24 hours, out of 5,564 tests examined. a solo death it has been registered. In hospitals there is a slight increase in admissions to intensive care units which rise to 14 (+2 new units compared to yesterday). The figure for hospitalization is stable with 178 people currently hospitalized (-1 compared to yesterday).

There are 65 new positives in Calabria. In the Region there is also a death. There are 6 new cases of Coronavirus positivity in the autonomous province of Bolzano, where one death is reported within the last 24 hours. In Puglia 76 new positives were found, 9 in Basilicata, 6 in Abruzzo, 10 in the province of Trento and 6 in Umbria.In Sardinia the infections in the last 24 hours are 23. There are 17 new cases in Walk, where a new victim is registered.

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