Covid, commander Angelo Andrea Capurro dies on the merchant but no one has landed him for days –

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He’s been dead from Covid on his ship for at least a week, maybe more, but that commander still can’t find peace and justice. The freighter “Ital Libera” of the company Italia Marittima of Trieste continues to sail in the Indian Ocean but no port has allowed the docking and received the captain’s coffin up to now. There is also a wrongful death complaint because it is suspected that the life of that officer in the Italian merchant marine could be saved.

Da Durban

It is a sad and incredible story that of Captain Angelo Andrea Capurro, 62, Ligurian from La Spezia, who on April 1st had boarded in Durban in South Africa after a hallucinating journey by plane which lasted days first to Doha in the Persian Gulf, then to Johannesburg and finally to Durban. Then boarding with a route to Singapore when he had probably already contracted Covid-19 and had the first symptoms even if the tests had not shown it.

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The lawyer

“We still do not know with certainty the date of death – explains the lawyer Raffaella Lorgna who together with her colleague Lucia Barbieri represents the commander’s family -. The news arrived on April 13 but Captain Capurro may have died even earlier. We certainly know that his body is still on the merchant ship sailing in the Indian Ocean, locked in a cold room and that several ports, such as Singapore, have already denied the ship’s docking, presumably fearing contagion ”.

The last hope

According to the lawyer Lorgna a thread of hope has arrived today and it seems that there is a possibility that the port of Jakarta could welcome the ship. “They should arrive on Monday, April 19, but security is still missing and we are very worried,” explains the lawyer. The family says that after boarding the captain had manifested some symptoms perhaps of Covid but a test, perhaps too hasty, had given negative results. During the voyage he had felt ill but there were no doctors on board. «Friday morning I filed a complaint with the La Spezia public prosecutor’s office, hypothesising the crime of omission of aid – explains the lawyer – and I requested an autopsy on the body. In this story there are many things that need to be explained ».

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